September 24, 2010

Free Motion Quilt Along: Loops

Hello free motion quilters, I hope you are feeling loopy! This week we will be stitching in the last of the narrow strips, as well as a portion of one of the wide strips. As in past weeks, doodle some designs and then pick two or three for the narrow strip, and at least a few for the wide strip.

I started with a double loop.

Then I did a couple loopy flowers

And I finished off the row with a pebble line.

In the middle wide strip I marked off an 11 inch area on the edge. I was most excited to try the interlocking rings. I like the effect but they are a little slow. Then I went on to the lazy eight, and my mind was clearly wandering - my stops and starts were very crooked! Oh well. If your stops/starts look like this, the only advice I have is 1) practice 2) try having your needle down in the quilt when you restart your stitching (not a given if you tend to just move your hands one at a time to reposition) 3) test placing your stop/start at different points in the design to see which part of the design is easiest to match up when you restart your stitching 4) just let it go. Reassure yourself that no one will notice it, especially not after it's washed. I certainly don't normally quilt with this much contrast between my thread and my quilt!

I pulled it together for the last few designs.  I think I liked the alternating big and small loops the best.

Next week we'll focus on pebbles! Happy quilting. Of course we would all love to fawn over your pictures in the Flickr pool.


belinda said...

OH...OH.....I love those loopy flowers!!! I must go now and give those a try!!

Graciela said...

Me encantan !!! tendré que practicar un poco más jejeje gracias y buen fin de semana!!!!

Cal said...

Looks so nice! I am working along in mine and now understand the need for the gloves!

Jeane said...

I love all the loopy designs. I am having a real problem with the loopy flowers. I can't seem to get the 5 loops in and when I do they don't look like a flower. Could you do a more detailed diagram on what directions you go in making the loops. I am not sure what my problem is.

Anita said...

Thanks for doing this series. I'm practicing with my stitch regulator (new to me) for my Bernina and these designs are great inspiration.

Leah said...

Thanks for these... I'm not doing well with the free motion. I can't get my stitches even close to an even size and its bugging me... so I "cheated" today and used my even feed foot!

I really need more scraps ready for testing and practicing...

Alison said...

Hi - just found your blog and I'll be back. Agree with what you said about 'looking at quilts'. Sometimes I actually find it a bit demoralising. I much prefer craft shows and events where you can try things, and experiment. Such a fantastic way to learn. Regards, Alison

BubzRugz said...

Hi Christina, I have missed a few blogs as I have been off line with a sick computer - I am catching up a bit with the tips - thanks so much.... now I have recently done some pebbling - small ones so for me I had to go quite slowly so they are very small stitches - is this what should happen if doing small loops and pebbles etc? or should I still be moving quite fast? Thanks again
PS hope you don't mind me coming at you with questions....

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