September 01, 2017

Stitching Lazy Eights on Fresh Quilting!

Hello quilty blogland loves! I've been super quiet, right? It's all for good. The good of raising my little folks with lots of outdoor time and home cooked meals and friends and reading. And the good of conjuring up my next book and online classes!

I also got invited to appear on the second season of the suddenly-everywhere show Fresh Quilting. What an honor! Here is my very first segment from the new season, how to quilt Lazy Eights, or Crazy Eights if you prefer. Whatever you call them, I hope you have fun stitching them.

If you want to see when the show is running in your area, go to and look under the TV Listings tab to find what station is playing it! I feel so lucky to be a little part of this big project. The last time I was on a plane the lady sitting next to me happened to be a quilter (her husband sort of moaned that she somehow ended up sitting next to aNOTHER quilter!) and told me she watches the show every week, that's so cool!

Back to blogging soon I hope, as the school year gets going! Both kids are in school full time now! I hope you are looking out onto big beautiful futures too.