October 04, 2017

The Real Deal: I fixed my Craftsy Discount Links

I'm not the most business savvy lady. Like you all, there's so much going on with family, friends, work. I like quilting and teaching quilting. But sometimes I get wayyyyy behind on email or miss a detail.

Like, the Craftsy codes I've been sharing with you have an expiration date!! Who knew!! Must have been going too fast to read the small print I guess. How embarrassing!

Thankfully a sweet reader, Tammy, emailed me to say the discount links in my recent post were broken. And I can fix that, like right now!

With my apologies to any of you who clicked my links and were disappointed, let me make it up to you: Which class would you like to get 33% off of? The links below are good through March 9, 2018.


Gene Black said...

(grin) I have already taken all of the classes - so I don't need the discount.
I highly recommend ALL three of the classes.

Brenda Perry said...

I agree with Gene and would like to add that I would love to take more wild quilting classes. Christina, do you ever post your teaching schedule? I would consider a trip to take an in depth workshop from you!! To those of you out there who don't know, Christina's classes & books are absolutely wonderful!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Totally agree with Gene and Brenda - your classes are AWESOME! I would like more about Wild Quilting but on a slightly larger scale for those of us who don't want to super-densely quilt our quilts (I know - enlarge the scale - but it would be so helpful to see you actually stitch things out that way or suggest ways to make it work effectively). I agree about wanting to take a class with you (western Tennessee) -- knowing where you will be might mean I could plan a road trip!

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