February 05, 2019


Today I get to show the other quilt of mine that will be in the QuiltCon show: introducing "Quasar".

This is a wedge quilt. But instead of the wedges being the focus, they become the background or "negative space" in the design and the focus is on the pieced strips between them. So the QuiltCon category I chose for this one is "use of negative space". If you have my book Wedge Quilt Workshop, I talk about using strips between wedges. This is one of the many possibilities with that approach!

This uses a 10 degree wedge template. I drafted my own because neither of the 10 degree rulers out there were the right size for this quilt. But working with paper templates is almost as easy as using a wedge ruler so no biggie. You have 72 seams creating that circle there. I knew it would be precise work, which is not really my strong suit, but it came together pretty well and with minimal exasperation!

I used only two fabrics for the quilt: the solid is from the Cotton Couture line and the rays are a Gelato ombre from Maywood Studio. Maywood studio is based here in Portland, and some lovely friends of mine work there. It feels just perfect that their fabric made the sparkly magic happen in this design! I had a great time quilting this on my domestic machine and I was a little sad when I was done. I wanted to get a lot of texture in there!

The pattern for this quilt will be published in QuiltCon magazine, which is available online now or later this month in print. And how about this: they put my quilt on the cover! I had to go back and check my email an hour after I read that: I started thinking maybe I had misunderstood. But no, it's real. What an honor! I'm tickled and I keep looking at the photo of the cover because WOW.

Thank you to the many volunteers who offered to help me pattern test. I'm finishing up my auction quilts for the kids' school, and then I'll be emailing you!