April 05, 2017

The Magic Triangle Block tutorial

I'm thrilled to show you a versatile block that you can make with wedge shapes! No paper piecing! There are so many ways to use this little block, the picture above is one of my favorites, see more possibilities at the bottom of this post.

I demonstrated how to make this block on Fresh Quilting recently, and if you haven't seen the episode yet, here is my segment!

You may also want this link to these instructions in a printable format, provided by the Fresh Quilting show, including a printable template for making this block. In the episode I use the 10 degree wedge ruler from Phillips Fiber Art.

For those who are curious, if you follow these instructions you end up with a block that finishes at 10'' from point to edge, and 11 5/8'' along any side.

Fabric for wedges:  various colors, 1/4 yards or fat quarters
Fabric for triangle points: one 4 1/2’’ square for each block
 10-degree ruler or printable template (see attached)

Cut wedge fabrics into 9’’ strips
Subcut strips into wedges, aligning the wide end of the wedge template (OR the 11 3/4’’ mark on your 10 degree wedge ruler) for each cut. You will need 6 wedges per block.

Join the wedges in sets of two. Match wide ends and sew from the wide end to the narrow end. Use a shorter stitch length because we will be cutting across these seams later.

After wedges are joined into pairs, Create wedge sets by joining three pairs together, for a total of 6 wedges per set. Again, align wide ends and sew from wide to narrow end. Press seams open.

Now this is the chance to square up your piece for accuracy. You can do this if you have a cutting mat with a 60-degree mark on it, or a 60-degree triangle ruler.

Lay the wedge set down, aligning it with the cutting mat’s angled 60-degree line on one raw edge and a horizontal line (or vertical line, depending on your mat) on the other raw edge of the wedge set.

Align the wedge set so the fabric comes completely to the lines with as little over the lines as possible. Then, use your quilting ruler and rotary cutter to trim any fabric that extends over the lines.

Trim the wide end of the piece to a straight line by cutting from corner to corner. Align the center seam of the wedge set with a line on your cutting ruler to make sure your cut is perpendicular to the center seam of the wedge set.

Measure 7 1/4” from the previous cut and make a straight cut across the narrow end of the wedge set. Again, align the center seam with the marks on your ruler, to make sure your cut is perpendicular.

Join a 4 1/2’’ square of fabric to the narrow end of the wedge set. Press.

Use the edges of your piece as your guide to trim the triangle tip.

And you’re all done! Have fun playing with layouts!


Christine B. said...

What a stunning block Christina with such beautiful combinations! Love it! Christine x

Dolly said...

Oh, Christina, I really like this idea.......and, yes, so simple to do ! In these colors, it looks like a shimmering gemstone/diamond ! I'm so curious as to how it would look done in scraps. May have to play with it, but then again, if I wait, the scrap queen may just show me.....HINT, HINT !

Thanks for sharing your pictures AND instructions !

Lisa J. said...

This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Gene Black said...

WOW! The alternating points make me think of pencils. How great this would be done in a colorway that looks like a bunch of colored pencils.

Sarah Craig said...

Love it! It's nice to see all the different layouts!

Béa said...

Very beautiful block and layouts !

Lauren said...

This is a really exciting idea!

Mary from Melbourne said...

this is so effective....thank you for sharing your creative spark and showing the instuctions. You are very clever!

Vicki in MN said...

Wowzers girl, that is sooo freaking cool!!!!!!!!!! Very unique, good going:)

tvbleak said...

That was excellent, so well done, thank you.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Your tutorial is nicely done Christina. I have taken a Craftsy class from you and enjoy your teaching style. Keep at it...you are great at what you do!
LuAnn in Oregon

Sharon T said...

Fabulous! Thank you for this beautiful inspiration!

dicca85 said...

OMG Love it!

Sandra Walker said...

Genius! Love the colours, and yessss! I can pull out my wedge ruler from ahem, over a decade ago and use it again! Thank you!

Sandi said...

Lovely tutorial and some great ideas for layout. Thanks for sharing your ideas and suggestions,

Kathy said...

I believe in magic!! Love this, thank you!

KaHolly said...

You are incredible and it is such a sweet gesture to share! Thank you!

Lara B. said...

This is brilliant! Leave it to you to create something this fun Christina!
I am so happy to see your creativity reblooming! And to see you have done a PBS show too is awesome - Congratulations!

Hitch and Thread said...

So great!! Thanks for sharing.

Elle said...

Very cool! Thank you!

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