April 26, 2020

Drawing Together

Hello all! Checking in with a few quick updates. Hoping you are healthy and have what you need right now. Life in lockdown is busy and weird and exhausting! First off, I am home from work, like so many of you. And helping my kids with school from home, like so many others are. Creativity is not coming easy but I'm of the mind that that's normal for times like this. I've been through times of less creativity and it always comes back.

I really miss teaching, and have had to cancel several classes. In replacement for that particular joy I've started doing a daily quilt design video. I'm calling this project "Drawing Together". You can see previous days' videos at : https://www.instagram.com/afewscraps/channel/ and I also post them on my Facebook page.

One benefit of being home is I have a little time to focus on my business. I've restocked fabric in my shop for those of you who are looking to buy fabrics right now. What an awkward time to release a first fabric collection, eh?! I've also added my pretty little enamel pins to the store.

Wishing for little moments of peace and color and joy for you!

March 09, 2020

Splashdown: Free Pattern for charm packs!

When Maywood Studio asked me to design fabric they let me know they usually offered a free pattern to go along with the fabric. They told me I could design it or they could. I decided I wanted to design it, because the whole collection felt like my baby, and this is what I came up with: a baby quilt that can be made with a charm pack!

The quilt measures 40" x 40". I called it Splashdown and it is a tribute to the way astronauts returned safely to earth in early space travel: their capsule would descend through the atmosphere, deploy parachutes and then land in the ocean. In the quilt, the center plus sign indicates the intended landing site, and the outward echoing half-square triangles represent the landing "splash"!

To see a PDF of the pattern, click here. You can then save the file to your computer if you wish.

Hot tip: the pattern is written for a single charm pack, BUT, if you have four charm packs (or a layer cake - a collection of 10" squares) you could make the pattern four times, for a larger, 80" x 80" quilt! Check out how that might look!

The thing I'm most proud of is making those diagonal geese in the corners easy to piece, without paper piecing. I'm sure other quilters have figured that one out before me, but all the same I was delighted when it turned out!

If you end up using the pattern I'd love to see how it turns out! Those of you who ordered fabric from me should be receiving it this week! Thanks for all the Moongate love!

February 27, 2020

All the news that is news!

Hi folks! I just got back from teaching at QuiltCon where I get to connect in person with folks I've taught through my books and online classes. Even though I taught 7 classes and gave a lecture, I came back full of energy. I love hearing about all the successes you've had with free-motion quilting from my classes, or how I helped you feel calmer about the whole thing. It's delightful. We are in this together!

I have a ton of updates for you. First, my new fabric is sooooo close to launching. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen a ton of it. Here are some photos!

Through this weekend only, I'm taking orders for precuts. Because of my well documented aversion to postal tasks, this is a one-time thing, and also I can only handle shipping to the US. As I like to say, I have a day job. But rest assured your local fabric shop can order this from Maywood studio or major distributors! Chat me up to your quilty folk!

To go along with the collection, I designed a bunch of patterns. By some oversight I haven't even showed the full shots of them here yet. Ridiculous! To fix that, allow me to introduce my quartet of quilts:

The photo above is my absolute favorite of the bunch. This pattern is called Hologram. It shows my new Horizon Ombres off in the very best light, with a shimmery glimmery magic. I am so proud of this quilt design. It's made with  a wedge template (you can't stop me with the wedges!) but it's all really simple construction in rows. Do not fear. 

Simple quilting on this one, just enough to reinforce the spirit of the piecing. You can make this with the 1/2 yard ombre bundle in the shop, and if you want you can add on the Hologram paper pattern. 

Next up is Hive Mind. This little lady got to hang at QuiltCon. My goal was designing a pattern that looks like it wasn't made from a pattern.  I think it succeeded! Bonus, this quilt is made from 2 1/2 inch strips, so if you have a couple of strip rolls, don't wait! It's a multisite pattern so you can go big if you want to. Here's a close up of the quilting:

And because Maywood studio said it would be good to design patterns that worked with precuts, I designed this pattern, Vista. It's cleverly designed to use just one strip roll. I love the modern mountains gleaming through, and how it really shows the color range in my collection. There is also a variation in the pattern to make a baby size quilt with half the strip roll, instead of the one large throw. As you can probably guess, this one goes together so quickly. 

I took my time quilting this one and tried rulers for the first time on my sort of new longarm. So satisfied with the results! A little straight line quilting and a lot of FMQ is just right for me.

Finally, one I finished just recently, Bright Journey. I got a great shot of it in the desert while visiting my family. Besides the solid this takes just four different ombres, 1/2 yard each. I love the way the ombres just naturally create sparkle. This twin size pattern is a good choice when you're quilting for folks that traditional quilting patterns aren't quite right for. It's really about the graphic geometrics and color play. All that negative space was dreamy to just quilt without thinking too hard. 

I can't believe I'm sharing so much good stuff in one little post!! Thanks for reading through it all! If you want digital patterns (or actual fabric), check out my shop on my fancy new website: www.christinacameli.com. Paper patterns can be ordered by your local quilt shop, I can't keep up with the post office trips to sell them myself. Tell your quilt shop what you want to buy; they like getting you what you want!

Bonus, for folks in the Pacific Northwest: If you happen to be in Portland March 6th, I will have a Moongate release party at Montavilla Sewing Center in Lake Oswego. Register on their site to get free fabric and be entered into the door prize drawing! They're also offering a discount for all fabric purchases that night to attendees!

Happy stitching everyone!