July 24, 2013

Nesting Buckets class at Modern Domestic

Just a quick and happy announcement: I'm teaching a free-motion quilting class next month at the spacious, lovely and well-lit Modern Domestic! If you live in the Portland area I hope you will check it out!

Use Modern Domestic's Machine or your own. If you use theirs, you can quilt with or without the Bernina Stitch Regulator. It should be fun!

July 05, 2013

A revelation

This is the scrappiest pillow in scrap town.

The fabric is scraps. The binding is scraps. And let me just tell you about the batting. 

If you do free motion quilting you probably have a little collection of practice pads for testing designs or tension. I finally lit on a worthwhile use for these ugly things: foundation piecing.

I cut four squares, started with a scrap in one corner, and did sew and flip for a quarter-log-cabin block. 

After making and trimming and joining four of them I had a foundation pieced pillow that just needed a backing and a binding. No quilting necessary, since it was pre-quilted!

I always feel happy when I find a worthwhile use for something that seemed unusable. 

As I was attaching the binding my daughter asked "Who is that for? Is it for me?!" Such a joy and a surprise to find her excited about something I made. So while it had been destined for the couch, it is cradling a cutie with gorgeous ringlets these nights. 

I assure you the rest of her room is a right mess. But it's my blog and I want to show the pretty parts of my life. I do think the couch will get one eventually. I have a lot of practice pads!