March 14, 2019

FMQ videos on You Tube, and book news!

Hi! Just a quick post today, because there's good things to share!

First, I've figured out how to quickly make little FMQ videos where I draw designs and babble about them. I posted my first one to YouTube, here it is!

If you like the video, you can subscribe to my channel on YouTube to get notifications when I post more of them.

And I'm so thrilled that my new book seems to be arriving ahead of schedule! I haven't told you much about it so how about I do that! If you're interested, preorder info is at the end of this post.

Step-by-Step Texture Quilting is all about how to get lovely texture in your quilting. It pulls together a lot of the things I've learned and tried since my last free motion quilting book came out in 2015. It covers the material I teach in my in person classes on textures and grids: including side by side examples to show you how small changes affect the look of your quilting. 

Then we just jump into different free-motion (or free-motion and walking foot) designs that have great textural effect. All the designs you can see in these photos are in the book. 

You'll see some of the designs are geometric, stitched in a grid: I show you how to set up different walking foot grids that will fit your quilt. 

Other designs are done completely with the free-motion foot, what I call organic designs.

The photography and design of this book are beautiful. I could never have made such a beautiful book without the genius team at C&T Publishing. I hope this new book gives you lots of ideas of how to finish your quilts the way you want! The possibilities are endless, but I know when I sit down to quilt something I can forget how many options there are and I need something to help spark ideas. I wrote this book to share a bunch of ideas in a way that you could use them as is, or adapt them to your own style. I can't wait to hear what you think!

Amazon has Step-by-Step Texture Quilting right now for an unbelievable price. Seriously, I don't know how they can offer it this low and cover shipping. I wish I could do that. For my readers in the US, if you prefer buying from the little folks, I don't have as good a deal to offer but I can sign it for you! Ha! That's something Amazon can't do! The signed book is $27.50 total with shipping. To preorder, write your name in the text box below (so I know who I should sign the book to! For some of you the name you go by is not the name on your PayPal account.) and then click "Pay Now" to pay with PayPal.   Preorders are now closed but you can still order the book through your local quilt shop or online!

I'll send the books as soon as I receive them. Probably by next weekend! This is a limited time preorder and it will only be up for the next week.  Going to the Post Office for me is like getting close to a black hole: it ages me, so I only do it when it's super important. Haha! Thanks for reading to the end for my silly joke! Happy stitching!