January 10, 2014

Pat Sloan and my double geek-out

When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut. So Bad. I tried getting a scholarship to Space Camp. I hung out in the back yard with my telescope. I knew when the major meteor showers happened. I was part of the Space and Astronomy Club in high school. Yeah, oh yeah.

So now I am a quilting geek instead of an astro geek and I just about fell over that quilter Pat Sloan recently interviewed astronaut Karen Nyberg.

And then I really fell over because Pat Sloan also wants to interview me! This Monday January 13th! It's almost like getting to be in the same room as Karen and Pat, and both the 37 year old me and the 15 year old me are thrilled. If you want to hear the words "free motion quilting" like 100 times, you should listen in. You can reach the show from the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast page at 1pm Pacific time.

The show Karen was on is at the above link too and Monday's show will be archived and available there after it airs as well.

Now, might I introduce you to NASA's Gangnam Style Parody (in which Karen Nyberg has a cameo)? You can thank me later. Happy New Year quilters!