January 07, 2013

Get your patchwork on

Well, hello!

Is it true that the internet still exists? And sewing machines? And digital photos? That's super, because, whaddya know, I have a quilting blog!

I also have these two magnificent imps who keep me busy from too-early until too-late-thirty. It would be inappropriate to blame my absence on them, however. It's been some rough months folks. Wow. I come out of it knowing I am one pretty tough lady. That, at least, feels good.

So, I've excavated my sewing space. First priority was to complete this baby wrap. It's called a podaegi. Don't worry, the patchwork isn't holding the baby's weight, it's just appliqued on. The wrap was so simple to sew. I used osnaburg (from the home dec dept) because it has a little give. Not as cushy and gorgeous as a handwoven wrap, but much more affordable. I used these wrap-pod instructions to get me started. And of course that is Piece by Number's lovely circle of geese.

I love the versatility and symmetrical support. I love that there's no buckles. I love that it will fit him until I stop carrying him. It's our favorite wrap, and that's saying something for a babywearing zealot like me. I prefer to wear him on my back, which he generally loves. The front suits us fine too, though. And I must have knocked over my bottle of sleepy dust when I sewed this because he falls asleep right away almost every time I put him in it. I love the feeling of his little head resting against my back as I go about the house. Happy baby, happy mama.

I still feel disconnected from the online quilting world, and haven't really gotten back to reading blogs again. Sometimes so much is happening so fast, it makes me feel panicky and it's better for me to just stay in my family cocoon. But it's nice to know my sister and brother quilters are out there. I've been reminded that we have all gone through hard stuff and made the decision to keep going. Not only that, but made the decision to make a world with beauty in it. A world with meaning and purposefulness. I'm so happy we all decide to do that. Happy quilting folks, and hope to see you soon.