April 04, 2012

Branching design variations

Oh dear. It's a crazy week over here. Major deadline? Check. Discovering kid is gluten intolerant? Check. Bathroom remodel? Check. But look what I found in my drafts! A nearly finished post! Hoping to pay bills, check email and get back to reading/blogging soon....

My new favorite quilting pattern spawned some variations in my brain.

As a reminder, the original looked like this:

My research suggests you could use pointy leaves (I've stitched this and it looks great!)

Or graduated and stubby


Or add flowers on some/all of the stems (I tried this with bigger flowers and leaves and it worked well too)

You get the idea: stitch a stem, put stuff on it, impress yourself! It's just so versatile. Step by step instructions on how to stitch the basic branching pattern (still my favorite) are here.