April 20, 2009


Well, every parent thinks their baby is gifted! But I thought I'd ease back into blogging, now that the little one can bear to be set down occasionally, by showing all the beautiful handmade gifts that have come our way.

My grandma told me when I was pregnant that she was working on two quilts for the baby. That coupled with the knowledge that my group quilting friends were doing one too made me hold off on baby quilting myself. Grandma was true to her word. This quilt she put the binding on in a mad frenzy the night before my parents and sisters came to visit. It sits on our couch and has already seen much snuggling. I really like the red stars, and the black house in the bottom corner with the boy and girl on it.

The other quilt did not grab me as much. Ironically, because I'm not as invested in it, it gets used all the time. This is the quilt I grab if we are going to sit on the grass or whatever. So now that I've spent so much time with it, it's really grown on me. Amazingly, this quilt has already seen baby poo and grass stains and both have washed completely clean with Bac-Out, a product no new parent should be without. Now that the quilt has been through washer and dryer it is nice and rumply and I love running my hands over it.
Ellery stares at both quilts with interest whenever she's near/on them. Thanks for such sweet gifts Grandma!