Free Motion Quilting

Whatever level of quilter you are, I'd love to help you with Free-Motion Quilting!

First off, check out my Instagram or Facebook pages to see a TON of quilting design videos that I've made!

BEGINNER free-motion quilters: Are you new to Free-Motion Quilting? I want you to have what you need to get started. 

Check out my book, First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting. It's the perfect thing to have at home to help you as you start. It has design ideas and a troubleshooting guide in addition to step by step instructions for absolute beginners.

INTERMEDIATE free-motion quilters: Are you Improving your Free-Motion Skills? I've got just the way for you to keep learning too!

Dive into my book Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting, full of free-motion designs from simple to complex, with one step at a time illustrations to explain how you can create them too.

UNSTOPPABLE free-motion quilters: Are you ready to try new designs with powerful texture? 

Look up my book Step-By-Step Texture Quilting for some great new ideas to make your quilting shine!

If money is tight, I want you to have info too: here are some archived posts on different parts of the quilting process to get you off on the right foot....

Free Motion Quilting Basics
Essential supplies
Prepare your machine
Feed Dogs
The Basics
Practice Stitching
When your thread breaks or runs out
Reducing Drag

Free Motion Quilting Tips and Techniques
Print Tracing
Faux Meandering
Meandering advice