August 24, 2022

How Should I Quilt It?

(Hey there! I learned that my old blog delivery service stopped working, so I signed up for a new one. You'll still be getting my blog posts emailed - it may look different though!)

I've been waiting to get that fixed up to tell you about something special I cooked up! For the past two years I've been chipping away at this little project: 

I recorded my talk about how I decide on quilting designs!! I categorized all the ways I look at a quilt top to come up with quilting ideas, and then showed examples of those ideas in action. I also made a worksheet to guide you to come up with your own quilting ideas! The talk is How Should I Quilt It? and it's available through Creative Spark and using my link will get you $5 off through the end of August.  I would love to hear what you think!

Here's a video to show a little bit more about the talk: 

I'd love to know how you like using the worksheet!

Oh, also, while email delivery was down you might have missed news of the free quilt along with Quilting Daily!

That's all for today loves! 

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