April 25, 2022

Things I made with Saguaro fabric

Coming back to the blog after the Year Everything Changed, I see I forgot to post about some things I made. I am so proud of these quilts with my lovely new fabric, how did I miss this?? I remember writing about them, but now I remember that was in my newsletter. (Sign up using the link at the bottom of my website if you want to get on it!) 

Well, my new fabric line Saguaro came out - I think I mentioned that in one of my posts! This is the flagship pattern, also called Saguaro. These cactus only grow in a narrow slice of the Southwest, where I happened to grow up. If you see a Saguaro with arms, it's at least 80 (!) years old! I love this tribute to the land I know so well. The quilt is out touring quilt shops and I can't wait until it's home!

I worked harder perfecting this pattern than any I've ever done. The Saguaro quilt pattern is available as a digital download, or as a printed pattern carried by quilt shops.  I've really loved seeing the finished Saguaro quilts people have made. In prints or solids, it's striking and lovely!

Next up, this simple beauty called Cactus Flower. It's a sweet table runner that is english paper pieced. The digital pattern includes a link to a printable file to cut out your own pieces, or you can buy them from PaperPieces.com. I've been considering making kits for this one. It's satisfying to sew, and I'd like to make a single flower as a pillow for our couch!

Now for those who like a little challenge, here is a diamond-block based quilt called Painted Desert. The template is included with the pattern. This quilt is touring too!! Come home baby I miss you!!
The digital Painted Desert pattern is here. I really like how I quilted this one. It was not complicated or time consuming but it packs a nice punch of texture and variety. 

Finally, here is a quick quilt with a twist, using a layer cake (10" squares). It's called Thunderclap. I really had a great time quilting this one too. I love the energy it has. The digital pattern for Thunderclap is in my shop as well! 

OK now I feel better that I gave these quilts their moments! Have you made any of these quilts? 

April 21, 2022

More Quilting Joy (even when it's late)

Well that title says it all. It's what I want to put out there in the world. More quilting joy!

I realize didn't even share my new book that released in October! I don't know what to say about how I missed this one, I'm filing it under "Last Year Was Bonkers". 

Free-Motion Combinations is all about how you can get more free-motion designs into the same piece. 
It's got so many of the lessons I've learned about HOW you make it all work together. I wish I had had this book to learn from 10 years ago! I think I would have tried new things sooner and my quilting would have gotten better a lot faster. 

I teach you how to make these specific designs, but more importantly, I share the concepts behind them so you can use my approaches in your own way!

If you prefer learning from videos, I put some of those same "aha!" lessons in my new online class, Finding your Flow

I recorded this class for Quiltcon Together and it got great reviews. I love the work my students have sent me after taking this class. Your feedback makes my day!

On the horizon I am working on a class about how I look at a quilt top to decide how to quilt it. If you have questions I can answer in this class I would love to hear them because I'll start recording next week!

Happy stitching all!