April 21, 2022

More Quilting Joy (even when it's late)

Well that title says it all. It's what I want to put out there in the world. More quilting joy!

I realize didn't even share my new book that released in October! I don't know what to say about how I missed this one, I'm filing it under "Last Year Was Bonkers". 

Free-Motion Combinations is all about how you can get more free-motion designs into the same piece. 
It's got so many of the lessons I've learned about HOW you make it all work together. I wish I had had this book to learn from 10 years ago! I think I would have tried new things sooner and my quilting would have gotten better a lot faster. 

I teach you how to make these specific designs, but more importantly, I share the concepts behind them so you can use my approaches in your own way!

If you prefer learning from videos, I put some of those same "aha!" lessons in my new online class, Finding your Flow

I recorded this class for Quiltcon Together and it got great reviews. I love the work my students have sent me after taking this class. Your feedback makes my day!

On the horizon I am working on a class about how I look at a quilt top to decide how to quilt it. If you have questions I can answer in this class I would love to hear them because I'll start recording next week!

Happy stitching all!


Denise said...

Thanks for making your book available on kindle. Kindle is so convenient.

Christine B said...

I have both the book and the class and I love them both. Thank you! Christine xx

bumblebee53 said...

Your artistry is extraordinary, Christina! I will never be this type of artist - never did get over my fear of FMQ. But I know what a great teacher you are and I have your first two books so maybe someday. Congratulations on this book!

Gene Black said...

I know that with all of the classes and the books I have, you have really made my quilting much better.
You are wonderful at sharing your knowledge.
Keep teaching!

FlourishingPalms said...

Love your legitimate excuse, "Last Year Was Bonkers." It must have been to have missed blogging about your new book! And the book looks great, as does the option of your online class. You have all the best free motion quilting moves.

Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE the book and I so enjoyed your QuiltCon classes. Happy that you are recording another class to share - you are a WONDERFUL teacher!!

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