April 26, 2020

Drawing Together

Hello all! Checking in with a few quick updates. Hoping you are healthy and have what you need right now. Life in lockdown is busy and weird and exhausting! First off, I am home from work, like so many of you. And helping my kids with school from home, like so many others are. Creativity is not coming easy but I'm of the mind that that's normal for times like this. I've been through times of less creativity and it always comes back.

I really miss teaching, and have had to cancel several classes. In replacement for that particular joy I've started doing a daily quilt design video. I'm calling this project "Drawing Together". You can see previous days' videos at : https://www.instagram.com/afewscraps/channel/ and I also post them on my Facebook page.

One benefit of being home is I have a little time to focus on my business. I've restocked fabric in my shop for those of you who are looking to buy fabrics right now. What an awkward time to release a first fabric collection, eh?! I've also added my pretty little enamel pins to the store.

Wishing for little moments of peace and color and joy for you!