January 21, 2022

Scrappy Quarter Cabins rides again

You know who still knows how to blog? This girl! But here's something you might not know about blogging: a week after I hit publish all these spam comments begin to show up on my posts. Comments  with links about joining the illuminati, or dish washer repair in Dubai, or how to wear a wig, or how to get your husband back. Sometimes the same comment 10 times. Yikes. I don't want that garbage all over my blog, so I set my comments to be "moderated" starting 3 days after publishing. And then those spammy spammers don't get to advertise on the blog, but also my readers' nice normal thoughtful comments also don't show unless I go to the blogger site to read and approve them. Which I forgot to do. For almost whole year. And there were so many incredibly sweet comments in there, that I just found today and if you're one of the people who left them, I'm not actually a jerk, I just forgot to check my comments! I'll be responding now that I know they're there!

Anyway, just popping in with a little news about a class I recorded called Scrappy Quarter Cabins. Here's the story: A while ago I wrote a tutorial on this blog about how to make scrappy quarter log cabin blocks. The tutorial was just on making the blocks, which was enough for some of you to make lovely quilts. I then taught the class in person once, just before the pandemic, which was wonderful, and then after I figured out how to teach online, I started teaching it live for quilt guilds on Zoom. I gave the participants a printable pattern for how to finish up a throw size quilt and it worked great! It was so fun to see their finished quilts in my email afterward!

As I continued to teach, I decided there were some things I could record to make online teaching to guilds easier/more efficient/more effective. And then I decided it could be a class available to individuals to watch too! 

And that's where I stared to make things complicated. While no one would expect to see me finish an entire quilt in a 3 hour class, it is possible to see that in a recorded class. So I really should show the entire finished quilt, I figured. Which means I need to make one as I record. And I should really show how to quilt it too, right, since I teach domestic machine quilting? Of course! And that's how I started recording in February and didn't finish until April the day before we moved

So then my life became about all the happy transitions happening, and the videos waited patiently for me to find more time. Which I will never find, because I keep getting too many good ideas and wow are there a lot of kids in this house. 

Luckily, I am happy to say I figured out that I can't do it all (without even having a crisis first!) and brought in help in the form of a former nurse an all around super hero in my quilt guild named Erin. She took the videos, made them look and sound spiffy, and now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that THAT project got finished!

If you'd like to check out the free tutorial, click here. If you'd like the killer videos and pattern and quilting suggestions, click here! Happy stitching everyone. And oh my gosh leave your comments before the weekend is over or I might not see them until 2023!!! 

August 16, 2021

Sonoran Star (free pattern) and a summer wedding...

 Happy summer everyone!

I am back with the sweetest of news: I have a free quilt pattern and *love* is in the air!

First things first: my husband and I tied the knot earlier this month and we are officially a blended family with four kids! It absolutely could not have gone better and living together after four years of dating, I feel like the luckiest lady every day.

I feel like I want you to celebrate with us so here's our dance playlist on Spotify for when you need a musical energy boost! And our DJ also made a short video of the big day, which was so nice of him.

OK but this IS a quilting blog so let's get to the quilting...

Saguaro fabric is getting out in the world, hooray! I did a fun Facebook Live with local quilt shop Montavilla Sewing Center about the background of this collection. (They are a great place to call and order yardage from if you need some Saguaro in your life!). 

And there's a free pattern to share! Maywood Studio and I have collaborated on this baby size quilt pattern that uses a charm pack.  I named it Sonoran Star and you can download the free pattern here: Sonoran Star Free Quilt Pattern

Also Missouri Star Quilt Company recently used this pattern and fabric for a tutorial video! You can check that out here: Sonoran Star Tutorial

There are still some precuts in the shop if you didn't get in on my preorder. Every fabric order will be sent with one of my little Saguaro fabric stickers!

And speaking of precuts, Missouri Star is on a roll - a strip roll! They use a roll of Saguaro in their Lakeview Terrace Quilt, see the video tutorial here

So that's all the links I can send you to for now! I'll try to get back later this week with a full roundup of the Saguaro patterns I've published too, as all the patterns are now available digitally in my shop!


July 06, 2021

Free Project: Green Thumb Tea Towels

Hello everyone! I have a great little project to share today. A sweet raw edge, free-motion stitched tea towel featuring some of my favorite things: houseplants!! Using by the yard toweling, this is a quick project to freshen your home!

I am so thrilled to hang these in my new kitchen. The little scraps just make me smile (of course, because I love scraps)

Download the pattern here (I did this video at the request of National Sewing Circle, they will ask for your email address to download the pattern.)

You can see a recording of my demo of how to make the towels here: Watch on Facebook

I'd love to see if you make one! Happy stitching!

March 01, 2021

Firework: National Quilt Museum free block pattern

 Hello again!

I'm happy to share a pretty little block I designed for the National Quilt Museum's Block of the Month Program. The free pattern is available starting today at: https://quiltmuseum.org/blockofthemonth/

The pattern includes a printable wedge template and is complicated but not too complicated. And you know me: I designed it to work with smaller scraps of fabric!

This year the NQM BOM is being done with each block quilted individually, and they will be pieced together at the end. So I also posted a little video of how I quilted mine: https://youtu.be/iub58_roahQ

We recently had a snowstorm in Portland, which only happens once a year or so, and I couldn't resist trying to get a "quilt in the snow" photo. But it was so icy I couldn't make it farther than my front yard! I'm including this questionable photo anyway. 

I have enjoyed seeing how creative the NQM group on Facebook have been with each month's block and I can't wait to see how they approach this one. 

July 08, 2020

Baby Vista Quilt, Reflected Variation

I recently finished a baby quilt for a special baby!

This quilt was made with half a strip roll of Moongate Fabric following the baby-size version of my pattern Vista. I used the pattern a different way than originally written, though. Below is the original baby quilt layout in the pattern, a mountain-inspired design. 

I switched up which rows I used in this variation, and how I used them. 

I kind of like that you can mix and match the rows in this pattern to get something totally unique. If you'd like to make this version, I've written notes below so you can do it too!

Vista Baby Quilt Reflected Variation

Start the pattern as written, through the "Make Strip Pairs" step. 

Then, rotate each of the top 5 strip pairs, so that the strip that was on the top of each pair is now on the bottom of the pair.

Then, use the instructions in the "Make Rows" section to turn your strip pairs into rows. 

Follow the list below to learn which instructions to follow for each strip pair. (Also shown in illustration below)

Strip set 1 (top): Row A
Strip set 2: Row B
Strip set 3: Row C
Strip set 4: Row B
Strip set 5: Row D
Strip set 6: Row D
Strip set 7: Row B
Strip set 8: Row C
Strip set 9: Row B
Strip set 10 (bottom): Row A

After the Rows are complete, rotate each of the top 5 rows again, so that the original top strip is back on top again and the triangles for these rows are pointing down. Join the rows as in the original pattern. 

I quilted my version with this fluid textural design that I really love right now. It's a variation of the design I teach in my new Pathway Pillow class. I really had fun quilting this and it's already in the hands of the new parents!! I'd love to see your version if you make a Vista Quilt!

July 03, 2020

Listen in on the Quilt and Tell Podcast!

I had the good fortune of being invited to the Quilt and Tell podcast with Tracy, Ginger and Lori last week. I've been on a few podcasts and the interview was always 1-on-1, but I have to say, I love the sweet format of the group discussion! It felt natural and friendly to chat with them. If you want a little quilty company in a quiet moment, listen in!!

Oh also, good news that QuiltCon 2021, next February, will be held online! I think this was a wise decision and I'm glad they made it early. I'm teaching a few classes and giving a lecture during the event. The organizers at the MQG seem to be doing a great job planning ahead to make this a thoughtful and enriching experience. The classes will be recorded, and some in-person sessions available too. You can see the course catalog here. Maybe you'll find one you like! Registration opens next month for MQG members and then in September for non-members. 

If you prefer smaller, real-time classes I am teaching a few classes a month on Zoom, generally limited to 8 students each. I'm having fun teaching this way and my students seem to be enjoying it too. We universally agree that it is very convenient to not have to pack up your machine and all your sewing tools for a class! It's also pretty great that ANYone can join in. So far I've taught students from Ireland, Canada, Singapore and London! What an unexpected joy!

However we do or don't cross paths, I hope you're doing well and getting some time for making these days. 

June 23, 2020

I guess I'm an editor now

So...some big things went down with Bluprint. Most of you know already but for those who haven't: NBC decided to shut down the craft instruction streaming service. Not only does this make me worried for the many wonderful people I've worked with in my years of making quilting videos with the Denver-based team, it was a big snafu for me. Bluprint is a big chunk of my business income and they own the footage for the 6 video classes that I've poured my heart into making with them. It'll be hard to watch all that disappear. 

The closure felt extra complicated to me when it was announced, because I was less than a week from shooting a class with Bluprint, in my home, about making these improvisational style quilted pillows. They were going to send me equipment and guide me through the lighting and filming over a web conference and then I would send them the footage so they could work their editing magic. After preparing for the class for a month, watching it go down the drain was a big disappointment. 

I spent a day feeling cranky and stuck, and then the next day I decided to just go ahead and shoot the class anyway. The worst thing that would happen would be no one would want to watch it!

So that's what I've been working on for the last few weeks.  I did not have "video editing" on my 2020 bingo card, that's for sure. Life is full of surprises! Not only did I learn how to edit, but my 11 year old daughter was my cameraperson! And she did great. 

So the big news is that the class launched today. I named it "The Pathway Pillow". I've spent a lot of time figuring out where to host the class, writing the pattern and cleaning up the music in the videos. It feels so good to be able to say the class is ready!! I really hope you love it if you decide to join in. And I'm open to suggestions about what sort of class I should record next! I'd like to think the next one might be a little smoother now that we've made it through the first one. If you do check it out, I've created a discount code for 25% off that will be good for the next week: LEMONADE. 

Happy stitching everyone!