January 21, 2022

Scrappy Quarter Cabins rides again

You know who still knows how to blog? This girl! But here's something you might not know about blogging: a week after I hit publish all these spam comments begin to show up on my posts. Comments  with links about joining the illuminati, or dish washer repair in Dubai, or how to wear a wig, or how to get your husband back. Sometimes the same comment 10 times. Yikes. I don't want that garbage all over my blog, so I set my comments to be "moderated" starting 3 days after publishing. And then those spammy spammers don't get to advertise on the blog, but also my readers' nice normal thoughtful comments also don't show unless I go to the blogger site to read and approve them. Which I forgot to do. For almost whole year. And there were so many incredibly sweet comments in there, that I just found today and if you're one of the people who left them, I'm not actually a jerk, I just forgot to check my comments! I'll be responding now that I know they're there!

Anyway, just popping in with a little news about a class I recorded called Scrappy Quarter Cabins. Here's the story: A while ago I wrote a tutorial on this blog about how to make scrappy quarter log cabin blocks. The tutorial was just on making the blocks, which was enough for some of you to make lovely quilts. I then taught the class in person once, just before the pandemic, which was wonderful, and then after I figured out how to teach online, I started teaching it live for quilt guilds on Zoom. I gave the participants a printable pattern for how to finish up a throw size quilt and it worked great! It was so fun to see their finished quilts in my email afterward!

As I continued to teach, I decided there were some things I could record to make online teaching to guilds easier/more efficient/more effective. And then I decided it could be a class available to individuals to watch too! 

And that's where I stared to make things complicated. While no one would expect to see me finish an entire quilt in a 3 hour class, it is possible to see that in a recorded class. So I really should show the entire finished quilt, I figured. Which means I need to make one as I record. And I should really show how to quilt it too, right, since I teach domestic machine quilting? Of course! And that's how I started recording in February and didn't finish until April the day before we moved

So then my life became about all the happy transitions happening, and the videos waited patiently for me to find more time. Which I will never find, because I keep getting too many good ideas and wow are there a lot of kids in this house. 

Luckily, I am happy to say I figured out that I can't do it all (without even having a crisis first!) and brought in help in the form of a former nurse an all around super hero in my quilt guild named Erin. She took the videos, made them look and sound spiffy, and now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that THAT project got finished!

If you'd like to check out the free tutorial, click here. If you'd like the killer videos and pattern and quilting suggestions, click here! Happy stitching everyone. And oh my gosh leave your comments before the weekend is over or I might not see them until 2023!!! 


Lu said...

Thank you Christina for giving a peek into having a blog and what you must contend with of which I had no idea this kinda stuff happens and so it makes me appreciate so much more what you go through to share your tutorials and such. Now I will go check out your scrappy logs because your quilt looks fabulous!

Gene Black said...

Ha ha.. I have to laugh about the spam comments that show up weeks later. I get that a lot-often in Arabic text. But I moderate also, and I try to remember to check it. hehehe.
The scrappy quarter cabins look great.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations on your new video, Christina! I may have to check it out. I loved your Pathways video tutorial!!

bumblebee53 said...

so good to read your joyful and informative post - love the scrappy quarter cabins and will look for that tutorial. Thank you always... i wonder, if your blog is archived all the way back? still trying to find the first post of yours i ever read, on how to use up small batting scraps... remember that? Ever your fan! Brenda

Lara B. said...

Taking a chance here by commenting in the moderation phase, lol.
That looks and sounds like a fun quilt Christina. And a great idea to make the video. Glad you worked out how to juggle all the balls. <3

Quilts & Comforter Mum said...

Discovering today your blog and I liked it. By the way, making videos is really hard when you are alone, so I am glad to got some support. I will check it out soon.

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