November 20, 2013

All the news that is news

I have a new job, which is downright wonderful unless you like reading my blog (hi grandma!).

I have sewn a few things. First, an iPad cover for my husband. He loves it. Seriously, my man takes something I quilted for him to work. That is a major achievement.

Side note: I will make a tutorial. If you need it before the gift giving season let me know so I can take my attention away from peanut butter cups and Netflix.

I also made more nesting buckets. I love these things. They are a fun way to get people to try free motion quilting and have something to show for it at the end. I have one more class coming up to teach them. I wish I had better pictures but right after this the toddler photobombed me! Little man is into everything these days. Everything. Exhibit A:

Also, I have two patterns in the just-out issue of Stitch Gifts 2014! (The sewing industry is like the automobile industry with years now!). In one of the patterns they autocorrected my last name to Camel.  Hah! It's good for a laugh at least. I hope life is equally joyful around your parts!

November 14, 2013

Susan Beal's Sewing For All Seasons

I have the pleasure today of showing you a beautiful book by my friend and fellow quilter Susan Beal. It's a book of sewing projects from someone who clearly loves the natural world around her.

First things first. Hardcover book. Love that.

Next: Little cards from Susan's book planning process. It's so personal and behind-the-scenes, what a great touch.

Also: gorgeous.

Finally, well written, just the right amount of illustrations, easy to follow.

I thought these little mason jar cozies were the cutest thing ever so I sat down to make one as soon as possible. The pattern called for fusible batting, which I don't own; I substituted a quilted leftover instead!

I think the concept of this book is inspired, and Susan really does it justice. None of the projects are fussy. All of them are things I could see myself making. I'm really pleased to have it. Thank you for the gift of your beautiful book Susan!