June 29, 2012

The bumpdate

So this is still happening.

I'm done with work now and pretty blissed out to be at home, in the summer, getting lots of time with my little girl and sewing machine before the babe arrives. I love how orderly the house feels. I love being in a little family cocoon and not needing to take care of quite so many others.

The best thing I've done is sew this skirt from some fabric I found at the thrift store. I'm wearing it about every other day. I'm not sure it goes with this shirt but at the end of pregnancy, anything that still covers your belly is fair game.

I got down with a vintage child's jumper pattern. The three year old refused to let me take a still shot (and that's a sticker from the doctor's office on the front). I could take a picture of it off her but now it's covered in park and ice cream and not so impressive. 

She chose this pattern from among what I found on Etsy. She picked this one because her favorite color is yellow and choosing for the style is simply not possible when you're SO INTO YELLOW.  I don't sew apparel much but it was kind of fun to do this one step by step, exactly as instructed. Being patient and methodical is nice at this moment.

In a related story, are you aware of how awesome these Wonder Clips are? I have 20 and use them all the time. There are so much easier than pins for thick, bulky or curvy things.

For the little bundle: a homemade "Baby K'tan" attempt that is hopefully lightweight enough for the summer. Sorry Baby K'tan, but a person who has three sewing machines and an Ikea cabinet full of fabric is not going to pay $40 for two loops of knit fabric. Crossing my fingers that I made it the right size.

And some homemade diapers. I have a drawer full of cloth diapers but I have some sort of crazy nesting urge that tells me everything will be ok if I just get a few more diapers. There is no logic behind this. At least I am sewing them myself from leftover fabric so it's not an expensive compulsion.

There is something so interesting about this stage in pregnancy. Maybe the baby will come tonight. Or maybe not for three weeks. The exquisite combination of patience and preparedness. I pick up the house in the evenings thinking, "maybe the midwives will be here tonight". Each little chore is like a prayer. Soon there will be four of us. If he comes soon, I'll be back with baby pics, and if not, then patchwork!