September 14, 2014

All true

This has been an incredible month.

My husband and I returned to the Burning Man festival together, thanks to my dad watching our kids for a week. The treadle sewing machine did not make it this time due to some space concerns. Next year, though, I'll make sure it comes with us! Burning Man was again beyond description. What a fun place to help create for a few magical days.

We got back and the big kid started kindergarten. We are officially a school family. I love making the lunches and walking to school. I mean, so far. We've only been at it a week, after all!

And then I made a thrilling trip to Denver, Colorado to visit every quilter's favorite startup, Craftsy! That's right, I got my chance to visit the magical land of cameras and makeup artists and spent two and a half days on the set sharing some of the fun things I love about free-motion quilting. The class is now in their hands for a couple of months and you know I will tell you all about it when it launches!

This brings me to an interesting moment with quilting. Until now I've thought of myself as a nurse-midwife who has a quilting blog. But now, with both the Craftsy class and my second book on the horizon, it's clear that I have a part-time career in quilting, not just the occasional free-motion quilting class.

I've lately avoided talking about my two worlds together, not sure if the quilting makes me seem less serious as a midwife, or if the midwifery makes me seem like an interloper in the professional quilting world. Now, I've decided I'm over that caution. I'm a midwife and I'm a quilter, and other people's perceptions of those two facts together are not really important. I enjoy them both. I'm doing them both. Together they are exactly the right balance for me and they complement each other so well. Maybe I'll talk more about that in the future. I'm having a hard time finding the words right now.

Anyway, I'm back and I hope to see you around as my world gets back to normal! I have some fresh FMQ designs to share with you, I can't wait. If I can just get the toddler to nap while the kindergartener is kindergartening we'll be in business.