July 03, 2020

Listen in on the Quilt and Tell Podcast!

I had the good fortune of being invited to the Quilt and Tell podcast with Tracy, Ginger and Lori last week. I've been on a few podcasts and the interview was always 1-on-1, but I have to say, I love the sweet format of the group discussion! It felt natural and friendly to chat with them. If you want a little quilty company in a quiet moment, listen in!!

Oh also, good news that QuiltCon 2021, next February, will be held online! I think this was a wise decision and I'm glad they made it early. I'm teaching a few classes and giving a lecture during the event. The organizers at the MQG seem to be doing a great job planning ahead to make this a thoughtful and enriching experience. The classes will be recorded, and some in-person sessions available too. You can see the course catalog here. Maybe you'll find one you like! Registration opens next month for MQG members and then in September for non-members. 

If you prefer smaller, real-time classes I am teaching a few classes a month on Zoom, generally limited to 8 students each. I'm having fun teaching this way and my students seem to be enjoying it too. We universally agree that it is very convenient to not have to pack up your machine and all your sewing tools for a class! It's also pretty great that ANYone can join in. So far I've taught students from Ireland, Canada, Singapore and London! What an unexpected joy!

However we do or don't cross paths, I hope you're doing well and getting some time for making these days. 


bumblebee53 said...

So much good news, Christina! I am so glad you continue to teach, create, and have an ever-widening community of artists like yourself, and ways to nurture your creative gifts and teaching skills! Excited that quilt con is going online. For the first time ever, stay-at-home folks can find classes to take - some even affordable for us low income types - right in our living rooms! Congratulations on all counts. I know we are going to continue to see and hear great things from you. :)

Joseph said...

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FlourishingPalms said...

It's wonderful that you were selected again to teach at QuiltCon, and it will be interesting to see how it goes as a virtual event. No doubt your experience with self-recording will give you an advantage, and your QCT workshops will be great.

Sharon said...

Hi Christina,
I just finished watching your scrappy market bag class on Bluprint, and absolutely loved it. I am a traditional quilter, so going improvisational is going to be a challenge for me. I started by watching your quilting classes on Craftsy, and bought your quilting books and your Wedge piecing book. Love them all, too. You said you were only a week away from filming a new Bluprint class when you got the announcement that they were quiting business. Then they sold Bluprint to TN Marketing. I just got an email from TN Marketing that said that since so many people asked for it, they are bringing Craftsy back. Happy day. I hope you will again join their teaching team and bring us new content on Craftsy. The email said the new Craftsy site will launch on September 1st. I would think TN Marketing would already have contacted the Craftsy teachers, but if you have not heard of this, I can forward the email I received from them to you. Let me know. Thanks for your classes, books, and patterns.

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