About Me
I'm a free-motion quilter with heart. A midwife with a quilting career. A mama with a mission.

I love teaching free-motion quilting so much that I wrote some books about it! They're over there on the right...

I'm happiest working without patterns, using up scraps and not taking things too seriously.

The only social media I can even pretend to keep up with is Instagram. Follow me there!

Teaching and Speaking
I connect best when teaching and helping people overcome fear and anxiety. I teach locally here. Feel free to email me about working with you on any project you are scheming. My email is afewscraps@gmail.com.

A world where ideas are free to travel is very important to me. The culture and legacy of quilting are important to me. Truly, this is my favorite part of blogging, that I send an idea out into the world and then others build on it and it changes and grows. Thanks for being a part of that magic with me.

You needn't ask my permission to link to my blog. Link away, and thank you. If you want to Pin my photos on Pinterest, go right ahead, just be sure to link to the page the photo was found. If you want to use my photo on your blog go ahead, being sure to say "Photo by Christina Cameli" and link to my blog.

If you'd like to build on my patterns or ideas to create your own quilts or creative works, wonderful! As long as you are willing to let others adapt and build on your work, you are free to adapt and build on mine, even for commercial uses. Where your work is informed primarily by mine, please say "Adapted from a quilt (or block, or pattern) by Christina Cameli" and provide a link to my blog when you share your work.

The legal license under which I share my work is a Creative Commons license as shown below:

Creative Commons License
This work by Christina Cameli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.