Free Motion Quilting

Step by step instructions and advice on free motion quilting. Be sure to see the Free-Motion Designs page (above)!

Free Motion Quilting Basics
Essential supplies
Prepare your machine
Feed Dogs
The Basics
Practice Stitching
When your thread breaks or runs out
Reducing Drag

I have a book on FMQ!

Free Motion Quilting Tips and Techniques
Print Tracing
Faux Meandering
Meandering advice

Free Motion Quilting Designs
For tips on quilting these designs, see the corresponding section under the Free Motion Quilt Along header below.
Lines and Angles
Radiant Designs
Vines and Feathers 
Echo Designs
Inspired by fabric
Kissing Designs
Branching Designs

Free Motion Quilt Along
Be sure to read all the Free Motion Quilting Basics posts up above!
Quilt Top Instructions
Basting your quilt top
Quilting: Wiggles
Quilting: Lines and Angles
Quilting: Loops
Quilting: Pebbles
Quilting: Spirals and Radiant Designs
Quilting: Meandering
Quilting: Vines and Feathers 
Quilting: Scallops and Echo Designs 
Quilting: Drawings and Words