February 13, 2008

Guerrilla quilting

Guerilla quilt, originally uploaded by wondertemp.

That was almost the title of this blog. Wasn't sure I could live up to it, though! Nevertheless, guerrilla quilting is a term that I use regularly and I am slightly shocked that it hasn't caught on yet. I use it to mean unconventional quilting that does not heed established ideas of what quilts are or how they should look. I use it to mean being resourceful and sometimes surprising. I use it to remind myself that small groups can make big change. When I'm quilting I am creating instead of consuming. When I resew small scraps instead of trashing them and buying new fabric, I am protecting my world. When I combine form and function I am nurturing the soul, which our world does not do enough. Quilting is my little act of rebellion, I guess.

The quilt shown above was guerrilla quilted out the scraps of another quilt for a new baby.


Tonya Ricucci said...

Hi, Christina. I followed you back to your blog from your comment over at Keryn's. Woohoo, love your guerilla attitude. gorgeous quilt. you've done a great job with the colors.

Christina said...

Thank you Tonya, your blog is a joy and an inspiration!

Magpie Sue said...

I found you via Tonya's blog. LOVE the term guerrilla quilting! Wish *I'd* thought of it! You go girl! (Have you read about Slow Cloth over on Red Thread Studio?)

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