April 21, 2008

Four years later

I started this quilt four-plus years ago. And for some reason yesterday I was seized with the motivation to quilt it.... I'm about two-thirds done!

It is a testament to scrappiness and free-piecing. I have changed a lot as an artist and quilter since starting this quilt, but I am still very pleased with it. I'm excited that I may finally be able to snuggle under it soon.


jude said...

i like the way you are quilting this. interesting placement of star stitching over star piecing. i like it a lot.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great quilting plan - love the stars!!!

Christina said...

Thanks, you guys! I was paralyzed for so long not sure how to quilt those squares in squares, and finally I just stopped caring so much. Thanks for the kind feedback.

Meg said...

I really like the star quilting over the stars, too. It really enhances the overall look. And good variegated thread. I see gloves with gripper dots there---do you like using them?

Christina said...

Thanks Meg. I use the gloves with grippers. The only alternative I've used was my own hands without gloves. I feel the fabric is harder to move around without the gloves and my hands get fatigued easily. The only drawback to the gloves is they have to come off for needle threading or bobbin changes. And if it's hot (and when isn't it when there's a quilt in your lap?) they get steamy.

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