July 09, 2008

Thankful Emergence

Hey there! If anyone still reads this blog after my month-long absence, please enjoy this update cleverly integrated into a list of things I'm grateful for!

First off, and inexcusably delayed, I am thankful for receiving this lovely handmade green book sent by April of By Small Means. April is a loving creative mama who had an inspired birthday idea of making gifts during her birthday month and having a give-away on her birthday! Thank you April, this was such a sweet treat. And speaking of sweet treats, do take a moment to salivate over the lovely red and black raspberries from our garden! I'm so thankful for summer finally arriving.

On to the pregnancy: I'm thankful for all the sincere joy and congratulations I've received from you (yes you!) on this exciting development. I'm thankful that I'm no longer nauseated, and thankful that there's only one little fetus in there, despite my secret desire for twins and my uterus being decidedly higher than one would expect at 14 weeks.

And finally, I was a happy recipient of a "Pay It Forward" from Kris at Quilted Simple. Kris is a motivated quilty mama who destroys all my illusions about farm life without destroying my actual wish to have a farm. This lovely quilted table runner/basket liner she created has been gracing my dining room table since I received it a week or so ago. The colors are perfect! I should have also included a picture of the knitted washcloth that accompanied this thoughtful gift, but it also has been pressed into service and is awaiting a wash. I'm thankful for your generosity Kris! And who could ignore that stunning arrangement from our own backyard? I'm thankful for my husband and his compulsion for buying beautiful perennials. Our gardens are a true place of beauty.

So, with all that thankfulness, and my energy returning after my first trimester slump, I am ready to take on the Pay it Forward challenge! If you want to participate, please post something that you're thankful for right now. I'll create a gift for the first three responders. The rules are that I have a year to pony up, and I'm a notorious procrastinator, so you may wait a while. But oh, that's part of the fun! Then when you get your gift, you can pay it forward to three new participants...


Sara said...

Christina: It's always great to hear how each of us is THANKFUL for the blessings of life. I'm thankful for your post!
Personally I'm grateful for cool summer weather, and strong mosquito repellent here in Michigan. Tho' the biting insects are out in force, with a good breeze we can enjoy the deck and our little lake, walk through the meadow and mow the labyrinth.

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, SUMMERTIME!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for finding more kindred spirits out in blogland everyday - you included! Also topping my list today: baby goats and mama that are pulling through their anemia despite my pessimism, two completed quilts to sell at market tomorrow, and my MIL's not-so-bad injuries, considering the shape of her car after her accident yesterday! -Shannon S.

Browndirtcottage said...

Hey you....thanks for stopping by! I had forgotten you were the one useing the dryer sheets for applique....well, I have been saving mine and guess what?? I finally tried it the other day and it really works. As a matter of fact it was THE answer to my problem. Thanks so much for sharing about this!!!

Browndirtcottage said...

P.S. You can iron the dryer sheets if you use a pressing cloth over them and turn your heat setting down a little. Mine were sooo wrinkled I had to do something.

QuiltedSimple said...

You're welcome - it was a joy to make the table topper for you! And I'm so glad the dishcloth (knitted by my Mom) is in use.

And I hope I haven't destroyed your illusions about farm life too horribly bad!! It's a way of life we love (despite recent headaches) that I really wouldn't change for anything!!

I am so glad your pregnancy is going well - enjoy it!

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