July 27, 2008

Welcome Mattie

My sewing drought is over, with this new acquisition, a newly serviced 1951 Singer 401A Slant-o-matic. I'm calling her "Mattie". Mattie is a real powerhouse, (just like Bernie will be again when I find a sewing machine surgeon I trust!) although it seems she has something against free motion quilting. We'll see if the thread stops breaking when I change the needle later this week. Luckily, my commissioned quilt doesn't require free motion work so I am finally working on that again.

Don't you love the details on older things? It is strange getting used to the different pedal on this machine and the new "rhythm". For instance, where the Bernina stops stitching immediately when my foot comes off the pedal, this one slows down to a stop more gradually.

I hope to have a post with that eye quilt completed this week. Besides being motivated by the new machine, the time has come to start building a yurt to shade my preggo self, (and my campmates) at Burning Man next month! We went to Burning Man last year and I'm so thrilled we've decided to go this year. Mattie showed up just in time to sew some canvas covering for the yurt and some crazy costumes for the festival!


QuiltedSimple said...

So glad to see you have a sewing machine - looks really cool!

Anonymous said...

They don't make 'em like they used to!

Simply Stork said...

oh maddy is so lovely :o)

may she sew...smooth...like butter :o)

very cool :o)


Andrea said...

This is the same machine I have! Yeah another fabulous old Singer!

The free motion quilting IS a bit complicated...I am still trying to figure out the quirks myself. Check the tension (lower it probably), and that it is completely threaded correctly (that one's caught me a time or two!) Have you found a good walking foot for it? Mine stinks! Grrrrrr! Drop me a line if you want to chat 401-a anytime!

Oh, I am so happy for you. :)

Welcome Mattie!

Maiasaura said...

Hello, this is Laura again. I didn't look at your pictures until after I sent the message, so I just had to come back and say WOW!!! You are like some amazing super woman who possesses all of the skills I hope to one day acquire. Your quilts are wonderful. So colorful. I have a sewing machine that is still in the box but I haven't had time to tackle. Also, your garden bounty looks wonderful. How do you have time for all this? I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

I learned to sew on one of those, I think my Mom still has it, love that machine... Ronda K Beyer

Rhondi said...

That was the sewing machine I learned to sew on when I was young and I was using it up until a year ago! I was able to do free motion quilting but it was very difficult.

Jessica said...

ooo, that looks like a great addition! Happy sewing!

Debi said...

My aunt Dorrie has the very same machine! Your quilt backing is sooo cute! I would like to invite you to participate in a fall quilters blog giveaway I am hosting. Come on over and check it out.

KyQuiltlady said...

I have one of those machines. They say they are a workhorse. I haven't sewn on mine but couple of times but going to check it out more.

P 31 said...

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Anonymous said...


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