November 09, 2008

Where Mama's Been, Part 2

First I need to brag about my awesome maternity costume for Halloween - I thought for a long time before settling on the giant eyeball. It was so easy to make, easy to change into, and got the smiles and laughs that I hoped for. Bonus, this counts as a belly pic!

Now to continue recapping summer: when we got back from Burning Man I slid seamlessly into a new obsession: prepping for babe. Admittedly, this natural and necessary obsession continues. But it was at its worst at the end of September when I realized how very difficult it will be to keep us in healthy dinners come the holidays and the arrival of our little one sometime around then. I decided we could make meals and freeze for later. I could hardly sleep for planning and plotting shopping trips, recipes, cooking. I went on a three week cooking and freezing adventure and have hardly cooked dinner since then. Despite having eaten out of the freezer for the past month it's still got 2-3 weeks worth of meals to give!

I'm really enjoying not having to think about dinner much more than putting it in the fridge the night before and putting it in the oven and setting the timer. And now that we've figured out what recipes work and what don't, I plan to do another major cooking weekend after Thanksgiving to keep us from living on pizza and burritos when bebe shows up. Favorites so far: stuffed peppers, chicken pot pie, moussaka, stuffed shells and any of a number of chicken breast recipes.

And then of course there was learning all about cloth diapers and madly planning which styles we should try. Reading reviews, making lists, comparing costs, ordering from assorted online retailers. When the diapers showed up in their boxes and bags, I had to spend about two hours fondling them and snapping/unsnapping/velcroing/unvelcroing the things over and over. For some reason I haven't managed to take a picture of these.

Finally, I've been combing the kids resale shops and buying colorful baby clothes. I've been scouring Craigslist for a co-sleeper, searching high and low for a vintage dresser/changing table (found and found!) and turning my penchant for reconstructed clothing towards baby hats and booties.

See you next week for my final installment of Where Mama's Been!


QuiltedSimple said...

Whoo hoo - you will be set! Jessie was due Christmas Eve - thankfully I delivered 2 weeks early! Enjoy these last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Love the eyeball.

elisepearson said...

welcome back! i was so worried something was wrong with your long silence (and almost emailed, even though i'm just a reader, and not a blogger myself -- so you don't know me...)

anna said...

Yey- baby bump! I'm so excited for you! Fyi- as for cloth diapers, I'm not sure what you've settled on, but we've been quite happy with the bumgenius ones, and Lord knows, they're getting a lot of wear with our twins!

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