July 20, 2009

Mama Made

How time flies in the summer! The garden needs tending, berries need freezing, cherries need cooking, and laundry and dishes pile up a bit faster with our loving houseguest, Ellery's aunt. She helped us out in the gap between me going back to work and Ellery being able to enter daycare. I'm back at work four days a week and routinely cursing the inconvenience of breast pump parts and public transportation, all the while knowing I am blessed to be employed and producing enough milk for my little one.

I keep offering her summers best produce, carefully pureed, but she'll have none of it. Blueberries from the garden were a little tart, as you can see! She has started crawling though! A bit early, and thankfully she's still slow about it, because we sorely need some childproofing.

Daddy has taken to buying expensive onesies for our daughter. I keep meaning to sew some instead but she still has a tendency to stay awake until 9 or 10, and that doesn't leave much time for diversion. I did manage to applique this onesie with a felt branch and leaves. I also wanted to show off some cute burp cloths I made before she was born. We use them all the time and it delights me to see some of my favorite fabrics.

Thanks Alice for checking in and reminding me to tend my neglected blog and reassure worried readers!


Allie said...

Love the colorful burp cloths!

QuiltedSimple said...

Love the burp cloths! And she is getting sooooo big! Been there, done that with the breast pump - all I can say is get enough sets of parts so you don't have to wash at work! I had 4 sets for when I was pumping for Tyler in the beginning (yes, I had to pump 4 times in a 8 1/2 hour day) - and I had tons of the plastic bottles that attached to the pump so there was no washing or messing with bags at work. A little expensive right up front but oh so worth it -made it much easier!

Elsie Campbell said...

Your baby is so beautiful! It is so much fun to see what other quilters are doing via their blogs. So glad I found yours! (I was a staunch La Leche Leaguer and natural childbirth advocate 30+ years ago when my sons were born, so glad to know that nurse midwives are doing such a good job of educating and helping mothers.)

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