June 10, 2011

Modular Cathedral: squared window block

This week's modular cathedral intrigued me with the squared circle shape that comes forward when you don't have the contrast of white-against-color in your windows. Unexpected, and not what I was going for, but still kind of cool.

To make this block you need twelve 5 inch squares. The basic block will finish at 9 inches, but because I prefer sewing my curves after the seams are sewn, I decided to border it with 1.5 inch strips and now it finishes at 11 inches. I may do this for all my blocks.

To make the block, set four squares aside for the backing fabrics, then press the remaining squares in half along the diagonal.

Assemble four modules of backing squares topped by two folded squares. Use a dab of glue at the corners of the folded squares to hold them in place.

Arrange the modules and stitch the block together.

Pin back the curves and topstitch. I was able to do this in one pass, stitching the outside circle first and then moving to the inside window.



MariQuilts said...


susiloci said...

Que forma tan interesante de hacerlo, yo lo hago de otra manera y esta la desconocía.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Very intersting block indeed. With the contrasting colors in the centre, I do not see the cathedral window at all. With the colors you chose, I think of the circus. Wouldn't that be brilliant to free motion some clowns and elephants on it? Maybe a cool pillow. I think I have to make one now! Thanks for the how too.
hugs from your friend,

beachiesews said...

Thank you for showing this! I believe I will give it a try!

Pétra said...

I love this color combination and pattern so much fun!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I love it! I like how you sewed it together first and then folded over the curves - it makes for a much "neater" finish. Great look! Thanks again for sharing!

Mamen said...

Thank you very much,
It's a fantastic technique.
I really liked.
Kisses from Spain

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