September 28, 2013

Past President's Society

There's a running joke at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild that the last two past presidents each have a book out right now. I'm the other one. Susan Beal is the headliner. I'll be sure to tell you about her almost-out book when it's in my hot little hands but for now, I'll let Susan tell you about mine, because she's today's stop on the blog tour!

I feel so lucky to know Susan, with her friendly, soft-spoken, generous way. She gets so much done and makes such beautiful things and still keeps time for her friends and her family intact. She brought me the best food when our second baby was born. She gave me so much advice when I was staring at my first ever book contract. We live in the same neighborhood and our families sometimes meet on walks or at the park.  I hope you'll check out her post (with peeks at some of the book projects!) and then imagine us trying to have a sweet little talk about making raspberry sorbet while our four kids make/throw/eat a pile of chalk dust. Because that totally happened.

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Elsa said...

Just saw a review on Pink Chalk's blog! Your book is really getting around!

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