April 19, 2014

Open to beauty

I loved reading the responses to my last post. You all are drinking in the beauty around you! You're thrilled about spring. You love your families. You love quilting. And even where some of you are in the midst of sorrows, you are still finding what is precious and lovely. Thank you for sharing this all with me.

For the giveaway the winner of the fat quarter pack of Jennifer Sampou's Shimmer is Lynne Tilley #43, picked by random.org. And I just have to tell you, as a midwife, I got a thrill that the "atmospheric noise" of random.org chose the very person who left this comment:

"I'm about to see the most beautiful thing, my new grandson who is being born at this very moment. I'm waiting on the text message to tell me he's here :)
Reading sewing blogs is my only way of staying calm until he arrives :) Thanks!"

Just perfect. I hope you all have a great weekend, new and old and in between.


Sarah Craig said...

Oh, congratulations, Christina! There's nothing better than grandbabies!!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog. something beautiful i see today are your colorful dyed Easter eggs. happy Easter. :)

Megan said...

Grandson???? Is there something you haven't told me?

Christina said...

You guys! The commenter is having the grandson, not me! You are cracking me up.

Anonymous said...

I caught on. I've just been reading over some of your older posts and saw in your 'Pat Sloan' post that you are 37. I was thinking by your profile pic that you were about 5 years younger than that. Then, when I read the comments here, I was wondering how such a young woman could be mistaken for a grandmother - then I remembered that my own mother became a grandmother at your age :) On the other hand, my sister (from a different mother) became a mum for the first time in her forties. How odd to think it is just as possible to be a first time mum or a first time grandmother at around the same age.

Congratulations to the winner. And cute eggs.

Unknown said...

Christina, I just received the charm pack of Shimmer in the mail today, which coincides with the day my grandson had his ventilator removed after open heart surgery last week. Bless him, he is progressing well with his heart defect and we have so much hope that he will continue to progress and have a wonderful future ahead of him. The Shimmer fabric is so beautiful. Thanks for putting a little more shimmer in my life at this difficult time.

Karrie said...

I just ordered your book day for my bday on Sat! It's been in my cart for a few months and I can't wait to get it. I have never done FMQ before. Do you go over what you are supposed to do with the threads? Just curious. I have a basic singer and got a FMQ foot 2 years ago exactly. My mom got it for me at Joann's-but in this store the feet are sold by the Viking ladies in the middle of the store. They told my mom it would mess up my tension and my machine would have to get serviced, so I have been so scared to try it. But after reading the sewing machine manual about 5 months ago, I finally figured out where the lower? tension is-on my bobbin case, and how easy it is to change. I thought it was something that would just break in my machine and be off, and would need to get fixed when I was done FMQ. So I have like 10 tops to do, haha!! But I feel like I'm ready. I ordered those genie magic bobbin things. I have a huge sew steady table I got for Christmas, and it's kinda slippery, so I didn't order that other thing they have out. I didn't get the hoop because I don't think I need it. But when I get your book, I'll be trying it out! It said by the 8th, so within the week. I'm so excited!

I thought i would order yours because I've reader other quilting blogs that says it's a very good book (in the top 2 they would get), which I thought sounded great. Plus the other books that are out, have Craftsy classes, and I like to learn a lot about something from different resources before picking just one. So yeah. Have a good week!

Karrie said...

ksmith8@emich.edu (i forgot my email)

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