March 01, 2021

Firework: National Quilt Museum free block pattern

 Hello again!

I'm happy to share a pretty little block I designed for the National Quilt Museum's Block of the Month Program. The free pattern is available starting today at:

The pattern includes a printable wedge template and is complicated but not too complicated. And you know me: I designed it to work with smaller scraps of fabric!

This year the NQM BOM is being done with each block quilted individually, and they will be pieced together at the end. So I also posted a little video of how I quilted mine:

We recently had a snowstorm in Portland, which only happens once a year or so, and I couldn't resist trying to get a "quilt in the snow" photo. But it was so icy I couldn't make it farther than my front yard! I'm including this questionable photo anyway. 

I have enjoyed seeing how creative the NQM group on Facebook have been with each month's block and I can't wait to see how they approach this one. 


Elsie Montgomery said...

This is unique! How big is it?
Nice to see you back too!

Christine B said...

Really love this block and enjoyed watching you quilt it! I don't see the 'quilt in the snow' photo.... did you decide not to post it? Hope all well with you! xx

Gene Black said...

I love the quilting you are doing on this one- from the video. It is giving me ideas to quilt a quilt top I have in my "to be quilted" stack.

Christina said...

Christine, the second photo is the one in the snow: but you can't really see much detail!

Christina said...

Elsie, thanks! The block is trimmed to 12 1/2" after quilting it.

Christine B said...

Okay, I looked more closely and I can see the snow now!! :) xx

KittyAnn said...

Love your block, thanks so much for including the quilting video in the email I received! SO helpful! I wanted so much to take one of your classes @ QuiltCon Together, but alas your classes filled quickly and I didn't get a spot! Maybe I'll have better luck next year for Phoenix, hope you're planning to be there. Hugs from NC, KittyAnn

Rebecca Grace said...

What a fun, beautiful block, Christina!

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