February 28, 2008

A teeny bit of stitchin

Life after grad school is rough, lemme tell ya. In some ways I brought it on myself. I took a job as the sole clinician in a busy family planning clinic. It's been a big adjustment. I doubt myself constantly every day. I worry about my patients. At the end of the day I feel totally drained. Or worse, last night found me having a good half-hour cry about it all. Every nurse practitioner I know says the same thing: "It'll pass".

I think about quilting constantly but it's hard to do any during the week and still get an occasional workout, dinner with a friend, home-cooked meals and winning the war on dishes. I pulled out a bunch of strips from my scrap bag a week ago and organized them by color themes. I like having something to sit down and stitch together at the end of the night, even for five minutes, to feel like I'm sewing something.


Purple Pam said...

Your string quilting idea is wonderful - so liberating. I like your idea of using it up. I love string quilts because they are scrap quilts at their best. Isn't Gwen Marston great? So you have a stash, or do you sew all your pieces up as you get them? Do i see some purple in there?

Christina said...

I agree Pam, and when you use up your scraps there is a randomness and variety that you just can't fake! I have a stash of fat quarter fabrics and a bag of scraps. I think I prefer the bag!

Meg said...

Even a teeny bit is good---it helps to keep some balance in your days---and those little strings are wonderful! Hope the job stress calms down as you acclimate.

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