March 05, 2008

Recycled shoppin' bags

I've seen a lot of good solutions online to the plastic shopping bag problem. Let me show you the two that are working for me. Above: Our big grocery chain has these great roomy $0.99 bags with straps that perfectly slip over the shoulder. They also have an atrocious logo (I mean really, super ugly). that made me not ever want to use them. I solved that, with a net gain of two pockets! I cut the leg bottoms off a pair of thrift-store pants and sewed them on over the logo. People ask me about this bag (and its sisters) constantly.

This rumply thing is rumply because it gets used. It is made from an old super stretchy tee-shirt, and modeled after a standard plastic shopping bag. I have shoved so many groceries in this bag and it's never complained. But for such a big capacity it sure stuffs down small to fit in a purse! I love that I always have it to take with me for any quick run into the store. The straps on this one fit well over the shoulders too. Surely you have a stretchy tee that could have its arms cut off to make a bag? Just take a plastic bag and use it as a guide for where to reinforce the corners and straps. Don't bother finishing the raw edges, they won't unravel, and finished edges will just make the bag less stuff-able.


Brenda said...

They're both great shopping bags, especially the tee one. You asked about my river quilt. It is sewn together by machine right sides together, right through the backing, so there will be slight ridges along the seam lines. then I'll line it edge to edge like a pillowcase, slip stitch the opening, and the children will tie it in every square to keep the layers together.

Meg said...

I've never seen anything like that tee-shirt bag---great idea! I have to make a couple! I never use my string (net) bags because although they scrunch down well, things catch on the net and tear it. These are a good alternative.

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