May 09, 2008


My good friend gave birth to her second baby this week. Everything went simply, quickly, at home, as she planned. Everyone is doing great. This baby was two pounds heavier than her first, but she only pushed for 8 minutes, and no tear. The labor went so fast, I'm lucky I got there in time!

The last three years I've only attended hospital births; it was nice to be back in the home setting, stripped of the unneeded technology. It was also a little strange to not be the one catching the baby! Since hubby and I will eventually be in the market for a homebirth, it was the perfect chance to see these particular midwives in action. It made me smile to see all their clogs piled by the door with the oxygen tank. Homebirth is so humble!

Thanks for all the kind comments on my finished quilt. I've been enjoying having this blog. I think it's helped me focus my creative energy. I really appreciate being able to share my work and get feedback from other artists who understand this medium!! So thanks everyone. Hubby's on vacation with the digital camera so I'll give you an update on my projects when he gets back next week.


qusic said...

My first child was born at the hospital, don't want to be reminded, it was no good experience. Actually I found a midwife for my next two kids to be born in her practise. I am so glad to have decided to be accompanied by someone who was fully concentrated on me and my child and both birth stories made everything bad of the first one turn out fine.I would encourage every mother without further risks to give birth at home or in a midwife practise.
Both doula-babies did not loose much weight and fit in our every day family life much better.

QuiltedSimple said...

Both of mine were hospital births, but I wish now that I had done things a little differently (had a midwife in attendance, etc). And while I had disgustingly easy births, I often wonder if it would have been even quicker and easier at home.

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