September 21, 2010

Deep breath

These two wonderful people are now married.

We enjoyed ourselves. Yep, that's what we wore to the wedding. And I assure you, we fit right in. 

Cakes were appreciated and devoured.  I'll post the recipes next week.

Cake decorating is serious business. I got to share it with a little sweetie.

This picture should tell you I know nothing about frosting a cake.

Unwelcome surprises:
Toddler gets carsick! Noooooo!
It rained about 80% of our camping trip.

Welcome Surprises:
Blackberries every morning at the campsite.
A three minute shower on Saturday morning. 

So, except for the post about Milwaukee, everything that's happened on this blog for the past two weeks has been a scheduled post. We are back and in the workweek and I am drowning in laundry and email! My reward for making it to the weekend will be getting to go to the Northwest Quilt Expo (quilting journal in hand!). Happy equinox!


Fat Chick Design said...

More photos please, I wanna see the wedding dress and the puffin? (what is that?-did you make it)The cakes look grand, frosting is fine! We call it icing here, I think frosting sounds so much more exotic though, like its been done by fairies!
Glad you had a nice time - 3 minute shower! Luxury :)

Crowing Moon said...

Looks like an awesome wedding! Look forward to more pics.
Your cake looks great.
Happy Ostara/equinox :)

grendelskin said...

More pics please, looks like a blast! The cakes look wonderful, you did it, hooray! Happy equinox to you too.

Diana said...

The cake looks delicious. The flowers added a touch of elegance!

Graciela said...

Que hermosa boda seguramente lo pasaron genial, un beso hasta pronto!!!!

Gena's Garden said...

What a truly beautiful couple.
Happy equinox!

Mama Pea said...

Looks like a great wedding! Your cakes look great. You did a wonderful job. I am sorry I'm so far behind on the free motion quilt along. I have been getting caught up on other things! I tell you, the basting part really hangs me up. I hate it for some reason! I need to get over that hump.

nocton4 said...

great photos, what a lovely wedding x

Kay Lynne said...

The cakes look great!

Eileen said...

i think your cake looks wonderful! i have done cake decorating and smooth and shiny is lovely, but not always necessary and yours is just precious. we put fresh flowers on my daughter's wedding cakes...such a pretty thing to do. looks like it was a lot of fun

Theodora quilts said...

the cake looks delicious and the couple looks so happy and sweet like the cake ,I await your recipe, the frosting looks creamy and dreamy.

KatieQ said...

Sorry if I'm a little slow, but what was the theme of this wedding? It looks like great fun.

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