March 28, 2012

Constructing a Sprocket

When you have six paddles, you can join them to a hexagon for one whole Sprocket. It's really exciting to have a Sprocket come together in your hands!

One by one, I sew a paddle to each hexagon side. I use the same ladder stitching described in the last post, but whipstitching will work just as well if that is your preference. Occasionally a paddle is just a bit longer than the hexagon side. I just center it and sew it on, it always seems to work out fine for me.

I leave the edges between the paddles free until I've sewn a paddle to each side of the hexagon.

Once all six paddles are attached, I remove the paper hexagon template. Then I am free to fold the Sprocket in half, which makes it possible to join paddles together. Where many points come together I will often take an extra stitch or two into neighboring diamonds, just to make sure there is no gaping at the intersections. Let your instinct guide you on this.

The fuzzy picture above is supposed to show just now nicely those seam allowance "flags" on the diamonds nestle together and just fan around at the back. Nice and flat, nothing to worry about.

And there you have it! A real live Sprocket. Now I'm just gonna do this, oh, 22 more times or so and I'll have enough for a quilt! I'll pop in every now and then to share my progress, and once I get to the point of dealing with the sides I'll show you how I do it. But for now, it's time to piece at our own pace....

For my friends embarking on Sprockets with me, I hope you enjoy the journey! The full list of posts for the quilt along is here.


Mama Pea said...

Very cool. I can't wait to try this. I get it much better how these are going to fit together now (I mean the "flags"). :-)

Elsa said...

oh Christina ~ it's so beautiful. Almost makes me want to make them. Really, I need something to do when I'm just sitting around in the evening. Where did you get the pattern pieces?

Kim W said...

Thanks so much for the great explanations. I'm anxiously awaiting my pattern pieces in the mail so I can get started.

Donna Grace Hinton aka HapiStitcher said...

I just discovered your blog, & know I will be checking back often! Your explainations are so very good. Great ideas!

Warm Regards, Donna Grace Hinton aka HapiStitcher Home of the Hankie Pankie, Knotty Girl Bag & Bon’y Knee Pillow
PS: If you have any thoughts on creativity, how yours is sparked, how it is fueled long-term, I invite you to post on my brand-new blog, Creativity Check-in.

Grit said...

Wow, das sieht super aus.
Liebe Grüße Grit

machen und tun said...

beautiful! i am gonna try that.. thanks!!

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