September 27, 2013

Step back! and Happy Zombie!

When I'm actually quilting is the time that I'm closest to my stitching. My face is less than a foot from whatever I'm working on and I can see every detail. Even when 95% of the stitches go where I want them, the other 5% torment me. But it turns out my feelings about my quilting are directly related to how close to it I am.

1 foot: We should burn this
2 feet: Was I drunk?
3 feet: Oh, hey, that looks good!

So that's my little meditation today. A lot of times we use "take a step back" to be figurative but when I take an actual step back from my quilting I find all my up-close distress melts away.

Today I'm just beside myself that my friend Monica at Happy Zombie is sharing a little bit about my book. If you somehow don't know her please go enjoy her gorgeous sewing, fabulous sense of humor and up-to-the-minute cultural references. This lady drives long distances to come to the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meetings and we are so lucky to have her vibrant, joyful personality and design inspiration around us. She loves sewing and she's great at it but she doesn't take it too seriously. What an awesome combination. Monica is giving away a copy of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting too!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for sharing!

Helen said...

Wow! Lookin' good to me!!

Sarah Craig said...

I love that design, Christina! Looks very good!!

Sheila said...

such good and timely advice, i have been 1 foot away from a project for a while now and have been so close to putting it in the bin . a friend called by and said "how beautiful" . Yours looks great from 10,000 miles , congrats on your new book

Gene Black said...

I totally agree. When I step back, it looks great.

Elsa said...

Love that quilting ~ you do such fab work!!!

Michele said...

It does look great.

mad408 said...

Dear wonderful people,
My name is Michael and I recently lost my Mom on Mother's Day. I need your help. I am trying to locatte someone or group who would be able to design a quilt for me out of my Mom's clothing? I hope you don't think its macabre but I truly feel this will help me move forward with my healing process while always having her near.
if you could please assist me I would be forever grateful.

Appreciate you and your time.

Michael De Wilde

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