October 03, 2013

The countdown

Just three days left on this blog tour! Today Victoria at V Findlay Wolfe Quilts was kind enough to share a little bit about the book. I am always impressed by how many Big Projects this lady takes on. She could run the world I think. I would probably vote for her for president. She embraces everything with an open heart and also knows when to say enough is enough. I love that. I hope we have drinks together someday. 

Today we are working on a Halloween calendar. Because if I have to answer how many more days to Halloween one more time I am going to flip. Just 27 more pumpkins to go!

So, did you enter Victoria's giveaway yet?  


Jessica said...

She would truly make a good President..

Swedish Scrapper said...

I have to say I agree with you- she is a force of nature, that Victoria! I love the look of your new book too-- such interesting projects for learning fmq! Not stodgy or piano-scaley at all!

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