February 21, 2017

Wild Quilting thing...

...I think I love you.

In the year since my class  Wild Quilting launched on Craftsy, I haven't given you any updates, so this catching up is long overdue. Today I want to share the jaw-dropping-gorgeous work students are doing in the class.

By Brenda P
 This class is all about taking off the training wheels in your free-motion quilting and combining motifs like a boss. There are five distinct ways to do this, and then once you've learned them all you can use them individually or start combining them.

By aubu

By cottabehr4575512
By Cassandra Sharkey
I'm teaching Wild Quilting in person this weekend at QuiltCon and can't wait to have a whole room full of FMQ lovers bring out their unique quilting style using these techniques!

by klynsis

by Marla Silbernagel

by mlhoffa
 All of these are photos that students posted publicly on Craftsy's projects page or in the class comments. Quilters you inspire me! You make it so fun to teach when you take the concepts from my class and start to fly with them!!

by pamspaintbox

by SabineR

by vschlim

Thanks for the warm welcome back to blogging. You readers filled my heart and fortified my spirit with all the loving, kind, and positive comments that found my inbox following my last post. For each one of you who was moved to comment or email, thank goodness for you. Thank you, always.

I'll check back in again after QuiltCon. If you're not going to QuiltCon here's a link to get the Wild Quilting class on Craftsy. Wherever you are this week I hope it's a great one!


Lisa J. said...

These are some awesome quilts...I'm still on your beginner class but who knows maybe one day I'll take this one.

Christine B said...

Wow Christina! These quilts are really stunning!! I love your Craftsy classes and credit them with being the inspiration behind me really getting to grips with FMQ. I am still learning but these quilts are inspiring me to try some 'Wild' quilting!!

Home Sewn By Us said...

W.O.W.E.E. Holy moly - I need to get my free-motion-quilting going on. I am also still learning and quite a bit scared, but really what's to be scared of? Oooh, a stitch is in the wrong place. Most people won't notice it, and pieces like these sure are inspirational. I will check out your Craftsy class, and wish I was going to QuiltCon (makes me think of Big Bang only for quilting). I would like to mention this on my blog, if you don't mind - giving you credit, of course. ~smile~

Gale Bulkley said...

This is seriously my favourite Craftsy class. I watch it regularly.

Gene Black said...

Have a great time and a WILDly successful class at QuiltCon. I loved this class so much on Craftsy. You have truly made me a better quilter with your classes. Thank you!

Vicki in MN said...

Yeah I am so glad you are getting back to your gorgeous quilting and teaching at QuiltCon-awesome!! It was a treat to see my little quilt in your post too;) Reminds me I need to do more Wild Quilting!

http://sibylleblogt.wordpress.com said...

I also love your craftsy classes, I think I bought too. I really love wild quilting. I sent you a pic where I tried some techniques in the instagram dm but don't know if you ever got it :)
Good that you are back!

karen c said...

Although I've loved each of your classes, your Wild Quilting class is my very favorite so far! My fmq has improved so much with your tips and instruction. Hope to see you at QuitCon in Savannah this week! Karen Cotter

Lisa said...

Wow that's some awesome quilting.

KaHolly said...

Everyone's work is just gorgeous! Just look at what an impact you're having on the quilters' world! Enjoy QuiltCon! XO

Anonymous said...

This is seriously my favourite Craftsy class. I watch it regularly.


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