February 27, 2019

Auction report!

I finished the auction quilts!

Here is "The Clearing"

And here is "The Cave"

Each 47ish" by 57ish" quilt included patchwork strips from over 50 4th grade students. I pieced the strips together and then quilted them. That simple sentence makes it sound fast. It wasn't fast. It was fun but there was enough squirrelly construction and gobs of glue to make the quilting step rather difficult and I'm glad that's over!! I did enjoy the kids' energy when I brought the finished quilts in. They were delighted to sign the backs and wanted to spend time finding their strips. I wish I had gotten better pictures but it all happened in a rush because I was off to QuiltCon.

Oh and about QuiltCon: it was so fun! I taught 5 classes and gave a lecture. So many sweet people had nice things to say about my teaching. That felt so good.  And I even received a special QuiltCon delivery of a handmade gift and heart warming note from Brenda at Scraps and Strings, a longtime friend from this blog. Could it be more perfect? Wedges and free-motion quilting! I'm in love!

It made me glow. See?

I took that photo in front of my quilt Quasar. It looked downright humble next to so many artful and dynamic quilts in the show. I came home full of ideas and of course, wishing I could just go off grid for a week to quilt!

The night before QuiltCon I finished a quilt top for my beginning free motion class to baste and quilt during the class.

I can't get enough of ombres these days! This one is made from two jelly rolls of Maywood studio's Gelato fabrics. YUM! Here's my students basting it. Do you have any name suggestions? Should I write out the pattern?

I'm happy to report that together the student's auction quilts pulled in over $1500 at our school auction last weekend. WOW! I'm already feeling excited about next year's auction. Maybe I can work with my son's class next time!

Anyway, that's all for now. Big news coming tomorrow from Bluprint though... Here's a peek! See you soon!


Gene Black said...

OH, yaaaay! New class!!! I can hardly wait to see what it is.
One of my online friends took your class at QuiltCon and said many nice things about you. I am sure the classes you taught were a huge success.

MERmade50 said...

I took your intro machine quilting class on Craftsy a few years ago and have always loved your approach. I frequently channel my inner Christina when quilting! So happy to see your success.

Farm Quilter said...

Great quilts from the kids!! I also love ombre fabrics. I would name your quilt Flight through the Stratosphere.

Christine B said...

Congratulations on the beautiful auction quilts and on your classes at Quiltcon! Can't wait to add your new class to my library.... not surprised you had great feedback you are an awesome teacher! xx

Sewgirl said...

Yes, you should definitely write a pattern. Your quilt is gorgeous. And the auction quilts are marvelous. You must have a very generous audience to raise so much with them. Congratulations! “Beyond the rainbow” comes to mind for your quilt.

Rebecca Grace said...

You made those quilts WITH HORDES OF FIFTH GRADERS?!! I am SUPER impressed. Both quilts are gorgeous and I'm so glad you raised a substantial sum for the school with them. I hope the kids feel proud of their role in making them and helping to support their school.

RoseO said...

Congrats on the success of the auction! And quiltcon was AMAZING! Your class was worth the price of admission and I'm still on cloud nine! I see my hands basting the quilt and PLEASE! Write up the pattern. ;-)

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