November 14, 2019

New website reveal, and a pattern for subscribers

Wow, two blog posts in one week. How unusual! As sometimes happens, months of work behind the scenes leaves me with a bunch of good stuff to share all at once!

I've been tinkering into the nights on a website. I've gone for years with just my little blog and now my business is growing to look like a business, with an email list, and its own website!

I designed it myself and it feels bright and happy and personal. Sitting down to organize all the work I've done had me realizing: I've really created a lot to be proud of! I should have made this website long ago!

There are no changes to the blog planned, and you should be able to continue reading it however you do right now. But you can also find me at There you can find links to my classes and patterns as well as see all my recent blog posts, such as this week's scrappy quarter cabin tutorial. 

I have also started an email list, that allows me to send newsletters to my subscribers (without needing to post publicly, like on my blog). This will be a great way to share musings, special offers, and my favorite thing to share: inspiration.  As a thank you for joining my email list, I'm sharing a pattern I've previously offered for sale.

This pattern for quilted nesting buckets takes 1/2 yard of fabric and turns it into a cute giftable set, with some free-motion practice built in!

I stacked them for the photo but you'll see they fit nicely together. 

If you've subscribed to the blog by email, that is a different subscription. To get my newsletters and the link to download the buckets pattern, please go to the website and if the little subscribe form doesn't pop up right away, there is a link at the bottom of the page to join. If you subscribe to any other quilter's newsletters, I'd love to hear your advice about what makes you love a newsletter. I want to add good things to your inbox!

Curious cats might also take a peek at the new shop that I'm setting up. New patterns will be available soon and I'll be selling the digital versions on my site! I popped a couple in there already but haven't announced them yet.  

I hope I see you on the email list. Happy stitching!


Gene Black said...

The new website looks great. Congrats.

Christine B said...

Your new website looks great! Congratulations Christina, I am thrilled for you that your business is really growing. You deserve huge success! Christine xx

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I like the new website too.

sue keida said...

Hi Christina, I like your new website. I've been following you for a few years and love your classes. They are really helping me with MQ. You're a natural teacher. Thanks so much!!!

KaHolly said...

Visited your new .com and it looks beautiful! Someone has been burning the midnight oil! Thanks for the free pattern for nesting boxes. That is sweet of you to do.

Rebecca Grace said...

Creating a web site from scratch is a huge undertaking. Congratulations!!

FlourishingPalms said...

Very nicely done, Christina, per your usual capabilities! I tried to "shop" but nothing happened. Perhaps that's not live yet? But you've created a beautiful website, and I wish you much success.

2ne said...

Love your baskets.

Judy P. said...

I just tried your new website but could only access the home page (same as FlourishingPalms).

The Organized Crafter said...

You are my favorite quilter and sewist ever! Thanks for sharing your gift into the world!

Unknown said...

I was also very distressed when Bluprint closed. Glad to see if is now operating (somewhat) on Craftsy...they still need do to a lot of work, IMO.

Your website looks great, and I really hope to see some of more of your classes in the very near future. You are a great teacher...the best I have seen in a very long time. Thanks for much for the basket pattern.

Sally said...

Christina, I shared a basket for your original pattern, 3 baskets from a quilted fat quarter on Facebook. There was a demand for the instructions. I told them this one was still available. I sure like the original as well as this one. It makes a cute gift and I can use up practice quilted fat quarters.

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