May 26, 2010

Cosmic Potholder Swapping

Giveaway Day came and went and when the dust had settled I had won some potholders from local quilty blogger Megs who kindly dropped them off instead of mailing them! When she did we had a crazy mama conversation on my porch that went like this (paraphrased)
Me: Hi! Sorry I'm bedraggled, I was up all night with my daughter and her ear infection
Megs: (whispering) Sorry I just lost my voice, my whole family's been sick
Me: (looking nervously toward my daughter climbing on the rocking chair) Thanks for the giveaway, it's so nice of you
Megs: (looking nervously toward her car) Of course! Sorry I can't stay, my kid's in the car.

I loved it! We were both badly needing a nap and monitoring the little ones...but still having a brief quilt-blog-turned-real-life moment. Check out the swag Megs bequeathed to me: not only potholders so much more lovely than the outlet mall potholders we've used for years, but scraps of fabric! Some glorious fruit and veggie prints as well as some great little charm squares. 
So sweet. And, as luck would have it, I also recently gifted some potholders. I had been patiently waiting to post about them until all their recipients had them in hand, but I can't wait any longer! When the appendicitis fairy gave me some sewing time (be careful what you wish for, eh?) I immediately turned to my box of orphan patchwork to make some potholders. 

 Every one of these was somehow mis-sewn by me and needed my seam ripper to make things right. Most of the dysfunction came from treating purchased bias binding as some sort of magic product. When I started treating it like quilt binding things went much better. One potholder I tried doing without binding, by sewing and flipping. I screwed that one up the first time too! Maybe the Vicodin hadn't totally worn off?

I made these as part of a "pay it forward" that I signed up for about two years ago! The sign ups happened at the end of a long rambling post and I'm not sure that the people signing up knew what they were getting into. So, ladies, if you weren't intending to participate, no harm. If you want to keep it going though, you have a year to create something handmade for the first three people who sign up on your blog post! The fourth potholder is to go back to Kris, whose pay it forward prompted this one, and who adopted my little blog for some unknown reason. She nudges me when I don't post for months on end, comments on my posts to keep me going and even sent me a gift package when the Little One was born. Thanks for everything Kris! I may figure out how to be a good blogger after all, thanks to you!


QuiltedSimple said...

LOVELY! And how did you know I needed a new potholder????lol. Mine are so thin.....hope Ellery is feeling better by now! Have a happy holiday weekend.

Megan said...

hahahaha!Your paraphrase of our "conversation" is PERFECT. I hope everyone at your house is doing better. I'm just now starting to get my voice back. Now, if it would just stop raining....

Browndirtcottage said...

Well...I just love my potholder and goodies you PAID FORWARD....thank you sooo much...and yes I will try and Pay it Forward myself....Megs potholders are FAB too!!!

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