May 16, 2010

Shopping! Hexagons!

I haven't gone fabric shopping for about a year, save a fat quarter or two. That is perfectly appropriate because I also haven't been sewing much! But I took my birthday cash and did a year's worth of retail therapy at the monthly 35% off sale at the local humongous fabric store. I flirt with online fabric shopping at least once a month but never get around to actually purchasing. It's so much easier to see the fabric in person. Also, all the websites have a minimum 1/2 yard cut and I prefer quarters.

In other news I decided to try some hexagons. I got these sewn during my one hour wait for my post-op visit with the surgeon. And a few more (not pictured) were completed during the wee morning hours after the Little One coughed herself into a barf and I couldn't get back to sleep. Hexagons are a very convenient handcraft. I have a little kit in a bag with everything I need and it is easy to grab it when I think I might have a chance to stitch.
I really don't like traditional hexagon arrangements but seeing all the modern hexie layouts has inspired me. I would like a potholder to emerge out of this experiment, like the one here. I downloaded the 1" templates here. (I also bought some 1" precut templates at the fabric store and they are NOT the same size. I haven't measured to see which one's actually 1". So I guess my advice would be, whatever template you start with, plan to stick with it!)

I sew my hexagons a little different than other people seem to. I don't sew through the paper, all my stitches therefore stay on the backside. This way I can reuse the papers and they will be easy to remove when the time comes. We'll see if there's any downside to this when I go to stitch them together.


grendelskin said...

Hi there! Stopped by during Giveaway day and your lovely hexies caught my eye. I don't baste through the paper either and there is absolutely no trouble with the rest of the process - I think it's much easier! For eye-candy visit - between this site and its sister site, there are is a LOT of hexagon love!

I♥thesecrazykids said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Angela Nash said...

I just started hexagons, too! I sew mine like you do - I like that process better, as well as making it easier to remove the papers!

carolyn said...

I just finished my hex quilt and now---even after 60plus hours of sewing---I'm dreaming of doing a table runner.

MoxyIdeas said...

Thanks for the link back - I bet my templates are the ones that aren't correct :) That's why they're free! ha haaa...just kidding - hope it doesn't cause you to much trouble!

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