May 30, 2010

Easy toddler craft

The Little One and I made some cards for Mother's Day. She has a real affinity for these little scrap paper circles that I cut out with circle punches. That affinity usually means putting them in her mouth. I was able to keep her interested enough to get three cards made before it all deteriorated into paper eating. I put glue on the circles and she pressed them down. As you can see, we worked with a couple "palettes". Then we went to her collection of coloring papers and made envelopes to send them in. I think the grandmas liked it.


Megan said...

Very cute! My kiddos are all into the paint chips at Home Depot. We've been known to take a couple and use them later for crafting....but shhh...don't tell the Home Depot Paint Police!

QuiltedSimple said...

very, very cute! love the drawings she included:)

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