September 26, 2010


I went to the Northwest Quilting Expo with the toddler, which is EXACTLY as awesome as it sounds. The poor little kid wore herself out with all the squirming out of my arms, wiggling under the roped off areas, and then whining for me to pick her up again. Once she fell asleep in the Ergo, though, I got a chance to take it all in. Following are my four favorites.

"9 Characters", Maker: Ann Johnston, Quilters: Oswego Quilters

"Nibs", Made and quilted by Carolanne Olson

"Anthony's City", Made and quilted by: Laura Newton

"Prototype redwork", Made and quilted by: Janice W. Hearn

I came out of there with a few prominent thoughts swimming in my head.

1) Between the ticket price and the parking I paid $16.50. I was there for about 2 and a half hours. Thinking about it this way, I can't wait for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild to start collecting dues. It is totally worth the money. The PMQG is three hours once a month and it comes with a sense of community that I didn't have at the quilt show.

2) I am totally not into quilts with rhinestones on them. It's like someone attacked a quilt with a Bedazzler. I wish I could unsee that part of the quilt show.

3) There is so much to learn from looking at quilts, even the ones I don't "like". I try to analyze the pattern, construction, color scheme and quilting on each one. I learned so much!


Three Birds Inspired said...

I went to a quilt show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania a few years ago and one of the award winning quilts was covered in rhinestones. All I could think was "Somebody got a Bedazzler for Christmas". Unfortunately, I said it out loud... :)

Gene Black said...

Ha ha!!! I am with you on the rhinestones. I love the depth in "Anthony's City" and the vivid colors on "Nibs"

tvbleak said...

I so agree, a toddler and quilts, what a great way to spend your day. Beautiful choices, and it is so true we learn a great deal from what we do not like. :^)

Kay Lynne said...

I have seen some quilts that I've wondered why was it designed that way until it dawned on me that we're emotional beings and our quilting is an outlet. It's always interesting to know the story behind the quilt.

Dana Gaffney said...

I agree about the rhinestones and I don't like glitter on quilts or fabric. I think it distracts from the quilt. I love glitter on everything else though.

Elsa said...

I went also and I'm right there with you and rhinestones! it's completely WRONG! But then there were so many other quilts that were so worth going! Loved Ann Johnston's quilts, she's really brilliant in what she does!
and what Suzan said ... hahahaha, good for her!

Cheryll said...

I like "Anthony's City"'s fantastic.

Megan said...

Thanks for sharing some pics - I never did make it out there, what with the two kiddos and all. Hmmm, rhinestone encrusted quilts? Doesn't sound so cuddly. Missed you at PMQG!

beth said...

bedazzler! funny. And I've done the quilt show with a toddler. It's not easy.

Mama Pea said...

Ok, your first sentence cracked me up so much. I love your sense of humor. I have really been trying to pay attention to WHY I like or dislike something. Sometimes I forget to attend to that. Instead I just think, "My, I like that!" I know what you mean about the rhinestones. I don't mind them when they are used judiciously. But sometimes, it's just a little too much bling!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Very neat, glad to hear you had a good time... Now when you figure out how to "unsee" go ahead and share your skill with the rest of us. LOL!

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