April 29, 2011


Everything around me seems to have meaning right now. Even the uncomfortable stuff. I feel like I am in living a giant poem. I don't know how long the poem is or what the rhymes will be, but I expect it will turn out beautiful and perfect somehow.

You are allowed to remind me of this next week when I whine about the things that I whine about.

I enjoyed reading and responding to the thoughtful and intriguing comments on the words quilter and artist. If you have time you might want to read them all here. If you left a comment and didn't get a response from me you are a no-reply blogger! If you want to change that, here's how.

I had a hand stitching marathon and the top of the wedding quilt is finished. With all this stitching I've really gotten back in my applique groove. My stitches got faster and smaller as I worked! I can tell by looking at the back which ring was stitched first and which last.

Next I need to complete the quilt back. My intent was to use the rest of the odd sized wedding fabrics for the back. That is going to be soooo much more work than just using yardage. I really want to complete this by July for our anniversary and I do need to leave time to quilt it. I'm going to decide on the back this week and get busy either way. I hope you are all having a good week, quilters, artists, quilter/artists, artist/quilters, quilter/engineer/artists and human/friends.


Mama Pea said...

Wow! Great stitching! I knew it wouldn't be that bad, once you got started! Good on you!

Elsa said...

it's looking really lovely ~ you artist/quilter you!

Unknown said...

Wow! That wedding quilt is looking amazing!

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